Delicious Ways Of Eating Matar In Winter
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The winter season has here, and with it, a bounty of delectable and cooling veggies. There are so many fresh veggies to pick from, including saag, palak, pumpkin, radish, carrot, and peas. Fresh peas, also known as matar, are winter vegetables that we eat in large quantities. Matar is a crunchy, sweet, and utterly delicious ingredient that may be used in a variety of Indian dishes. To maximise matar, many winter dishes blend it with other ingredients. Consider looking at some dishes where this common vegetable stands out on its own.


Wait until you sample this Matar Tikki with Khoya stuffing if you thought Aloo Tikki was wonderful! This fantastic dish produces a feast suitable for a king or queen because it is delicately spiced without dominating the unique flavours of Matar and Khoya.

Matar karanji

Karanji is one of the most well-liked street-style Indian appetisers and is best eaten hot and right away. With each bite, the spicy pea filling gives way to a crisp, golden-brown crust, leaving you craving more.

Matar poori

Daal ki Poori has become dated. Fresh pea deliciousness and spicy, crispy pooris are combined in an original way in this energising recipe. Mashed and boiled peas are mixed with the flour that gives a green hue to the poori. It is delicious and nutritious both.

Gajar matar

In addition to its mouthwatering flavour, this nutritious and healthy sabzi is the ideal addition to create a filling and well-balanced dinner. Gajar matar is a delicious and nutritious sabzi that is wholesome for the season.