Defy Cravings With Onions: 7 Easy Recipes To Whip Up When Hungry
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Late-night cravings often strike when you least expect them. And during such times, it's hard to find easy dishes that satisfy hunger pangs. Fortunately, there’s always a versatile ingredient hiding in your kitchen pantry with which you can make many dishes instantly. Yes you guessed it right, its onions!

Onions can be your best ally when you're late for dinner or want a quick bedtime snack. Its versatility, ease of cooking and delicious flavour makes it an indispensable part of many curries, fast foods, salads, soups and even desserts all across the world. Whether you want some savoury snacks or a comforting dinner meal, onions add a depth of flavour to any recipe without the need of extensive preparation or cooking time.

Whether you're in the mood for a simple onion omelette, a bowl of French onion soup, or a flavorful onion tart, these recipes will ensure that your late-night cravings are met with minimal effort and maximum satisfaction.

1) French Onion Soup

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You may have tried French Onion Soup at a restaurant and might have realised the real definition of ecstasy. But after trying it at home, you’ll see how minimum effort and basic ingredients can make a gourmet dish instantly. French onion soup only requires simmering caramelised onions in a rich broth, pouring it in cups, topping with sliced baguette and covering it with loads of cheese. After boiling for 2-3 minutes the recipe comes out incredibly delicious.

2) Onion Bhaji

The classic Indian appetiser with hearty besan batter and crispy onions is one of the best recipes you can make for late night nibbles. Spices and salt add the flavour whereas onion gives it the characteristic sweet hints. Eat it with ketchup or chutney, it tastes amazing however you like.

3) Onion Potato Stir Fry

Late night dinner prep is much easier when cooking onion recipes. This simple stir fry only requires chopped onions, thinly chopped potatoes, chilli powder and salt. Onions and potatoes are sauteed in oil for a few minutes until onion caramelise and potatoes become tender, then chilli powder and salt is added for flavour. That’s it! You can pair it with leftover rotis or rice.

4) Onion Garlic Bread

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Looking for a no-fuss snack that you can enjoy on bed freely? Onion Garlic bread might be the best option! All it takes is topping leftover bread slices with caramelised onion and garlic mixture, shredded cheese, oregano and chilli flakes. Then the loaded bread is toasted in the oven until the cheese melts and the bread becomes crispy.

5) Instant Pot Masala Onion

You might have used onion masala as the base for your curries. But have you ever tried eating that base as it is? If no, then you must! Instant pot onion masala mix is the flavourful base sauce that you make with chopped onions, pureed tomatoes, ginger garlic paste and spices. This masala can itself be a nice curry to pair with leftover roti or rice for tonight's dinner.

6) Onion Cheela

With the same onion bhaji batter, you can make this instant besan cheela recipe in no-time. The benefit of pan frying the batter is the less use of oil and an enhanced flavour with wholesomeness. You can add more veggies of choice to make it nutritious.

7) Onion Rava Uttapam

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Unlike rice, which takes overnight soaking, rava only needs 30 minutes to soak completely. Adding some chopped onions, coriander, tomatoes, spices and salt to soaked rava is how you make an instant uttapam batter for the night. Just make some quick pancakes with it and enjoy.