7 Late-Night Snacks You Can Make With Leftover Aloo Sabzi
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Aloo or potato is the most commonly used vegetable in Indian cuisine. Its ease of making, versatility and mild flavours allow it to be transformed into many delicious recipes that can serve as a snack, appetiser, main dish or even dessert.

Whether it's with gravy or without gravy, aloo ki sabzi tastes amazing no matter how you eat it. Leftover aloo sabzi can be transformed into many delicious snacks, especially for the evening teatime.

Though the recipes are easy to make with dry gravy, you can also make it with wet gravy by reducing its water content and cooking the potatoes on low heat until they become semi-dry. If you fear washing away spices with water, add more spices while you stir the potatoes. Check out these amazing snack ideas you can try to repurpose the leftover aloo sabzi.

Batata Vada

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Street-style batata vada can be made at home with your beloved aloo ki sabzi. All it takes is making small balls with the sabzi and coating them with seasoned besan batter then frying them golden and crispy. It can also be made using an air fryer by keeping the coated balls in cups made of aluminium foil.

Aloo Tikki

Shaping is also like balls, check! Now try shaping it into small tikkis and coating in breadcrumbs then frying it in oil or an air fryer until it becomes a nice, crispy golden. Pair it with ketchup or use the tikkis to make a tikki burger.

Aloo Sandwich

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Classic aloo sandwich is a beloved breakfast treat that combines the comfort of potatoes with the zing of spices. Placing aloo sabzi in between bread slices then toasting it on a pan on both sides is how it's made. Simple, no fuss, and satisfying, this snack checks all the boxes for late-night satisfaction.

Aloo Croquettes

Unlike tikkis, aloo croquettes are rolled in the shape of a cylinder then coated with slurry and breadcrumbs and fried golden. You can make a slurry with eggs or with flour, depending on your preference. Also, you can try many different shapes like rings and balls, and place a cube of cheese in the middle to make it interesting.

Aloo Frankie

The combination of roti and aloo ki sabzi doesn't have to be boring. You can instantly make it delicious by converting it into a street-style frankie. Just reheat the sabzi, toast roti over a pan with some oil, roll the sabzi in roti along with chopped onions, cheese, corn and chips and it's done!

Bread Roll

A bread roll with leftover aloo ki sabzi is a classic combination that you must try. Just rolling the bread slices thin, filling it with aloo sabzi and frying golden brown will make you a delicious appetiser for hunger pangs. Air fry, shallow fry, deep fry or bake, choose whatever means you can use.

Aloo Paratha

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Aloo parathas are loaded with delicious spiced potato mix and if you make it with leftover sabzi, every bite of this paratha will give you the pleasure of ghar ka khana. Fill as much aloo sabzi as you can to avoid leaving any corner devoid of flavour. Top the paratha with some sesame seeds as you fry it on a griddle and eat it hot with chutney or ketchup.

Aloo ki sabzi can be anything when hunger calls. Use its versatility to make yourself a delicious snack anytime your cravings call.