7 Quick Poha Recipes For Late-Night Snacking
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Poha is a beloved breakfast dish popular in many states across India. Bengalis call their poha dish chirer pulao, while it goes by the name Gojju avalakki in Karnataka. Poha can be stated as one of the main breakfast dishes in Maharashtra, where Nagpuri Tarri Poha is one of the most celebrated recipes. Indoor too has its own version where it gets paired with crispy, piping hot jalebis.

Being loaded with carbs and proteins, poha serves as a source of energy to carry out an entire day’s routine. The dish is flavoured with mild spices like chilli powder and turmeric and turns out to be extremely wholesome with simplicity and frugality.

In addition to its simplicity, poha is also loved for its ease of making. With the inclusion of the most basic spices and ingredients, it's not rocket science to master the art of making poha. And when you're looking for a satisfying late-night treat, it's one of the best options. Try out these different recipes you can make with poha.

7 Recipes With Poha For Midnight Indulgence

1) Aloo Poha

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With the addition of aloo or potatoes in poha, it gets a soothing bite as boiled potatoes melt in the mouth. Onions, curry leaves and green chillies are added as base flavouring ingredients and salt and turmeric season the recipe. You can cook potatoes in the onion stir fry or you can add chopped boiled potatoes for instant cooking.

2) Tarri Poha

Tarri means gravy, and in this dish, the plain masala poha is served with gravy. This recipe is a popular street food in Nagpur and tastes delicious when served warm. No matter how hot the day is, in Nagpur you’ll see people making see-see-see soo-soo-soo noises and crying tears while enjoying the burning sensation. Don't worry; if you're not feeling that adventurous, you can always alter the spice content of the gravy.

3) Masala Poha

Masala poha can be referred to as one step above simple poha. In this recipe, all the monumental spices of Indian cuisine are added, such as garam masala, chilli powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder and others. Cumin and mustard are added whole to the base mixture and curry leaves give it a fragrance.

4) Hariyali Poha

Hariyali poha, as the name says, features green herbs, from which the dish gets its characteristic green colour. The green masala for the base features coriander, green chillies, mint leaves, lemon juice, grated coconut and some water. Its refreshing flavours add to the joy of savouring.

5) Dadpe Poha

Dadpe Pohe is another classic Maharashtrian delicacy where spices are ruled out. The name “dadpe” refers to "dadapna,” which means cooking with pressure. Refreshing ingredients like coconut, coriander, and lime add flavour, whereas curry leaves, mustard seeds, hing and green chillies are added as temper.

6) Gud Poha

Gud poha is for the cravings of something sweet. With the addition of gud, poha gets a deliciously sweet and earthy flavour complemented by cardamom and cinnamon. This sweet dish is perfect for nighttime snacking when you need a sweet snack.

7) Poha Kheer

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The indulgent poha kheer mesmerises with its creamy consistency. Poha kheer is another delicious sweet dish option for your sweet tooth, and it comes together in just minutes. You can replace sugar with its substitutes and don't forget to add nutmeg and cinnamon for flavour.

From extremely hot to deliciously sweet, poha can be anything you want. You can also convert it to tikkis, croquettes and uttapam instantly.