Cut Down Carbs From Your Diet To Reverse Diabetes, Says ICMR
Image Credit: unsplash

Diabetes nowadays has become very common. National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) data states that there are seventy-four million people living with diabetes in India. It is a hormonal disorder that is caused when the pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin. Insulin is the hormone that transfers sugar from blood to cells where it is stored or used as energy. The reason of being diabetic can be genetic as well as due to unhealthy lifestyle, and obesity also increases the risk of high blood sugar. If not taken care of properly, diabetes can damage vital organs such as nerves, eyes and kidneys.  

And according to a recent report from the research conducted by Indian Council of Medical Research-India Diabetes (ICMR-INDIAB) if you cut down carbohydrate in your diet to fifty to fifty-five percent and increase protein intake to twenty percent then you can halt Type-2 diabetes. The effect of diabetes can even be reversed if you have been newly diagnosed. 

The research included data from across the country which had responses from eighteen thousand and ninety people. It is the country’s largest epidemiological study on diabetes. The report also stated that majority of Indians consume sixty to seventy percent carbohydrates in the form of white rice and refined wheat and very less protein which increases the risk of Type-2 diabetes. 

Food With High Carbohydrates That You Should Avoid:

  • Sugar-sweetened beverages like cola, iced tea and lemonade are very high in carbs and they can increase the risk of diabetes- related conditions like fatty liver disease. 
  • Spreads like peanut butter has artificial trans fats that extremely unhealthy people with diabetes. 
  • White bread and rice are high in carbs and very low in fibre along with being highly processed that makes it unhealthy for diabetic conditions. 
  • Fruit-flavoured yogurt is loaded with carbs and sugar that increases the sugar level in blood but plain yogurt can be a good option. 
  • Packaged snack food made with refined flour has plenty of carbohydrates that can rapidly increase blood sugar. 
  • French fries are no doubt very delicious but it’s extremely dangerous for people with diabetes.

High-Protein Food To Include In Diet

  • Chicken is a very good source of protein which can be consumed in roasted, baked, grilled or poached form but the fried varieties can be unhealthy. 
  •  Eggs are a great option for protein as they are filling, easy-to-cook along with being delicious and also do not raise blood sugar. 
  • Legumes such as beans and lentils have little carbohydrates but they are loaded with protein and fibre, that can support in keeping your blood sugar levels stable. 
  •  High in healthy fats and protein, nuts are considered a very good choice for diabetic people. 
  • Dairy products like plain yogurt and cottage cheese to packed with protein but also contain fats so they must be consumed at a moderate level. 
  • Vegetarian options like tofu, edamame, and soybeans are also rich in protein that can help you in maintaining your sugar level. 

Diabetes is mostly genetic that is very difficult to prevent but the effect can be reduced if the sugar level is maintained. Try to cut carbs from your diet and increase protein intake to fight diabetes and live a healthy life.