Curdled Milk? Don’t Cry Rather Try These Desserts

Imagine you are craving a glass of hot milk and you pour milk into a pan for boiling just to realize that your milk has got bad. We know this is a pathetic situation. With a heavy heart, you would decide to throw away the spoiled milk but what if we tell you can do a lot with that milk?

 Milk has several compounds such as fat, protein, and sugar. It is said that when the milk's pH decreases, it becomes more acidic. This leads to the formation of curdles and lumps that float on the surface. And surprisingly, you can put this spoiled milk into several uses. Next time when you have spoiled milk, don’t cry but try making the desserts that we are going to tell you about in this article. Believe me, after going through them, you will want your milk to get spoiled very often! Let us have a look at some fantastic desserts that you can make. 

Milk Cake 

This is a popular Indian dessert that can be found at literally any sweet shop. This famous sweet is made with curdled milk. This has refined flour, baking soda, sugar, dry fruits, and saffron. Try it the next time and give a treat to your taste buds. 

                                      Image credits: Youtube

Sweet Paneer 

This is my favourite, have you ever tried this?  When the milk gets curdled, we often see our mothers adding vinegar or squeezing a lemon into it. This is actually done to ensure proper curdling of the milk. One can make delicious sweet paneer from curdled milk. 


We can totally say that rasmalai has fans more than anything on this planet. This dessert is made with curdled milk. One has to strain the excess liquid from the curdled milk to get the desired texture. Then mixed with refined flour, it is turned into small balls and soaked in the heavenly milky liquid.  

Mawa Cake 

This Parsi cake is a classic tea-time delicacy that can be made with curdled milk. This tea time cake is very light and has a caramelized flavour from the Mawa or Khoya. One has to simply extract the excess liquid from the spoiled milk to extract the clay-textured curd for this special Parsi cake.


Apart from your desi sweets, you can also make doughnuts from spoiled milk. What you have to do is whisk eggs, sour milk, and butter for the doughnut dough. You can top with sugar, chocolate, or any other glaze of your choice. 

I hope now you have enough reasons to not cry but to celebrate your curdled milk. Let us know which of these desserts you have already made and which you are going to try now!