5 Ways To Use Curdled Milk For Breakfast Dishes
Image Credit: Pixabay, Use curdled milk in the right ways and make a delicious breakfast.

Do you remember a time when your mother told you to keep that lemon wedge away from the boiled milk kept on the stove? Well, she said so because the addition of acidic substances like lemon can lead to curdling of milk. Curdled milk, for the unversed, is obtained when the solid proteins of milk are separated from the liquid. Although lumps are formed in this kind of process, curdled milk should not be confused for spoiled milk. The latter has a foul smell and has rotten to the extent that it is unfit for consumption. However, curdled milk, when made under the right conditions is perfectly good for making cheese and other things. Apart from lemon juice, vinegar is also sometimes added to the milk to curdle it.

To start the process of curdling milk, a pot of milk is heated at a high temperature. During this time, droplets of lemon juice or vinegar are added to the milk. Gradually, you would notice lumps being formed on the surface as the protein molecules attract each other. The lumps get together to become thicker and these are then separated from the liquid whey so that it can be used for other purposes. It is untrue that curdled milk goes to waste just like spoiled milk. In fact, this kind of milk can be put to good use, like for making yoghurt or even tendering meat. 

However, if the curdling takes place in the morning, here’s how you can include it in morning meal. 

Curdled Milk Breakfast Ideas 

Use curdled milk for these breakfast recipes and never let it go to waste. 

1.  Fruit Smoothies 

The fitness enthusiasts like to keep breakfast light and healthy. They look for ideas that keep them energized and full for longer. Smoothies are a great option in this regard. Loaded with strawberries, bananas, kiwi and blueberries, the fruits are blended together with some pineapple juice. Replace the regular yoghurt with curdled milk yoghurt and your smoothie will turn out creamier. 

2.  Sour Cream Pancakes 

The curdled milk is sour in taste and therefore, you can make a delicious cream out of it too. Prepare a pancake batter using flour and baking soda. Add baking powder and vanilla extract. Finally, pour it on a pan and flip on both sides. Once cooked, top it with your favourite fruits and some sour cream. 

3.  Fruit Salad 

Chop all the seasonal fruits your find in the refrigerator. From mangoes to pineapples and bananas, you add all the fruits you want. Some veggies can also be added for additional crunch. Prepare a creamy salad dressing using curdled milk and pour it all over your salad. It will help to balance the sweetness of all the fruits and lead to an explosion of flavours in your mouth. 

4.  Paneer Sandwiches 

The lumps that are obtained from curdled milk are used for making cottage cheese or paneer. Tied in a muslin cloth and releasing all the liquid, you get the remaining solids in it. Mash it all together and add some chopped onions, coriander leaves and cumin to it. Sprinkle salt and red chilli powder and spread it on a bread slice. Grill the sandwich and enjoy. 

5.  Scrambled Eggs 

For making scrambled eggs, while you must have beaten them well, you need to repeat the process with curdled milk. Add butter and cheddar cheese to if you like and the resulting scrambled eggs will be so creamy that you will be left amazed.