Cup Noodle Creations: 6 Inventive Twist For Late-Night Cravings
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Cup noodles were invented for one sole purpose: to create a quick, delicious meal that requires no cooking and can be enjoyed anywhere. That’s why cup noodles are perfect for late-night hunger pangs when all things fall short.

It is a perfect treat that comes out delicious and all you need is just add boiling water to it. For this reason, it has become the most sought-after treat all over the world. The best part about cup noodles is you can alter the recipe with your favourite additions and make a new dish out of it.

If you don't just want to settle for the plain readymade seasoning mix, you can add fun ingredients to make a delectable dish. From adding eggs to the recipe to seasoning with kimchi, these different recipes will give your noodles a creative twist to make your late-night treats fun.

6 Creative Ways To Try Cup Noodles

1) Egg Cup Noodles

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Adding one whole egg to your noodles will give you the answer for a hearty and nourishing meal. You can either cook the egg on a pan, creating a sunny side up, add a boiled egg on top or just break the egg in the noodles while adding hot water. This will make the soup more thick and comforting.

2) Chicken Cup Noodles

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Chicken nibbles, when added to cup noodles, give it a satisfying bite and add flavour to the dish. Just add stir-fried pieces of chicken to the noodles. You can season the chicken with spices and a drizzle of lemon juice to draw the best flavour in the dish.

3) Kimchi Noodles

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Kimchi doesn't need to be cooked and can be added directly on top of the noodles. The pickled kale and cabbage along with Korean spices add an Asian touch to the recipe and fill it with umami flavours. You can add gochujang along with it for a spicy kick.

4) Tempeh Cup Noodles

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Tempeh, either stir-fried, shallow-fried or boiled, gives a wholesome touch to the good-ol cup noodle flavour. If you don't have tempeh at home, you can add soaked soya bean balls for a similar touch and also top it with some veggies like spring onions and peas.

5) Tofu Cup Noodles

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Soft and silken tofu are the perfect addition to cup noodles which have a slightly mild flavour that gives a new definition to the dish. The bites of tofu melt inside the mouth, bursting with delightful flavour. You can stir-fry tofu with some spices or marinate it before adding it to noodles.

6) Noodle Salad

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Noodle salad combines the heartiness of a variety of vegetables making this recipe nutritious. Vegetables like kale, broccoli, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, and onions can be added to the recipe, and you can opt for your preferences as well.

These recipes are a creative twist to the beloved cup noodles which makes a delectable meal for late-night cravings. For a more comforting flavour, try including your desired dressings or sauces and see how they meld beautifully.