7 Snacks To Make With Maggi For Late Night Craving
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Maggi is more than just a brand, it is an emotion, a delightful excuse to get along with friends, and a saviour of nighttime cravings. India's love for Maggi cannot be described in words. From plain maggi to masala addition and several other variations, the flavours of Maggi never fail to delight the taste buds.

Taking the love for Maggi to the next level, Maggi lovers have coined various creative ways to transform this all-time favourite treat into delectable snacks. Ranging from crunchy tikki to savoury bhel, Maggi can be converted to various recipes that can save your nighttime cravings and leave you wanting more.

If you are thinking of breaking open the packet, do more than settle for simple boiled noodles and explore innovative ways in which you can improvise this beloved treat. These recipes are delicious yet simple and get prepared in just a few minutes.

Try These Innovative Snacks With Maggi

1) Maggi Pakora


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Maggi pakora is one of the simplest snack dishes you can try with Maggi. With crunchy maggi-coated crust, the satisfaction of potato masala and gooey melting cheese in the centre, every bite busts delightful flavours in the mouth. Just mix up mashed potatoes with chopped onions, tomatoes, chilli, grated carrots, cabbage and spices. Fill a small cube of cheese in the centre, dunk the balls in batter, coat with broken Maggi and fry until golden.

2) Maggi Tikki

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Maggi tikki is one of those recipes when you won't feel attacked for eating Maggi with ketchup. Just boil two cubes of maggi until well cooked, take it out in a container and add chopped onions, chilli powder, grated garlic, schezwan chutney, Maggi masala and one tablespoon full of all-purpose flour. Mix it well, form flat tikkis, cover with slurry, coat with broken Maggi and deep fry till it becomes delicious.

3) Maggi Bhel

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Maggi bhel is a gratifying snack which combines the goodness of all the veggies and the tantalising savoury flavour of chaat. It is made by roasting crushed Maggi with a tablespoon of oil till it turns pink in shade.  Then add a tablespoon of water to create steam so it gets cooked evenly. After that add chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander, chilli flakes, chopped chilis, salt, and a squeeze of lemon. Mix it up and your Maggi bhel is ready!

4) Maggi Frankie

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Filling up Maggi inside a delicious tortilla is one of the ways you can enjoy the satisfaction of Maggi with delectable Chinese flavours. The masala Frankie filling made with Maggi can be cooked in different ways and includes preferred veggies to create a blend of flavours and textures. To wrap the masaledar filling, use thin sheet tortillas for an uplifted taste that doesn't overlap existing flavours.

5) Maggi Rice Paper Dumplings

Maggi Rice Paper Dumplings have become popular on social media and it is a convenient way to enjoy Maggi with a crunchy crust. Just create your own version of Maggi as usual along with all the veggies and spices that you like. Add soy sauce for a umami touch and include sesame seeds too. To use rice paper as a wrapper, dip it in some water to moisten it, then wrap Maggi filling. You can also include cheese for more fun.

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6) Maggi Bread Rolls

Maggi Bread Rolls uses moistened bread as a wrapper and like other recipes, you can customise the taste as per your preference. All you have to do is cook Maggi as usual, include the veggies you want and roll it inside bread slices. Then wrap the rolls in slurry and coat them with bread crumbs. After that fry these rolls up to golden perfection and pair them with your favourite dips or ketchup.

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7) Maggi Pizza

Replacing the traditional pizza bread, this recipe uses Maggi as the bread and is cooked on a pan. This recipe also begins by cooking Maggi as usual and spreading it over a warm pan evenly with some oil and cooking from both sides like a pancake. Then the base layer is topped with pizza sauce, and toppings like bell pepper, onion, paneer, cheese, and sweet corn. The pizza is steamed with the lid on until the toppings get cooked and the cheese is melted.

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8) Vegetable Maggi Cutlet

Maggi Cutlet or Maggi tikki combines a mouth-watering fusion of maggi and veggies which is a hard to resist treat. First, cook, the maggi well in water until it's slightly mushy and place it into a bowl to let it cool. Then combine grated carrots, cabbage, corn flour salt and chilli flakes and mix it well. After that, this mix is transformed into tikkis and cooked on a pan with a little oil from both sides to make it crispy.

Try these innovative snacks with Maggi tonight when you are craving a delicious Maggi treat. You can also call your friends over and share the snacks while enjoying some drinks with them.