6 Neon Snacks That Are A Must-Try At Your Weekend Party
Image Credit: Neon Snacks | Image Credit: Unsplash.com

Neon is not just a colour but a vibe. If you think that the neon colour just stops at yellow and green, then you’re wrong. Neon is found in every shade—pink, blue, orange and beyond. Neon colours are also called fluorescent colours, and their base is extremely bright. Neon colours are here to stay, be it in fashion, architecture or even food.    

If you’re organising a party, trying your hands at something authentic and unique can make it even more special. This time, select a neon theme that never goes out of style. The neon-theme party promises an electrifying atmosphere by incorporating vibrant colours into it.  

Apart from the neon-coloured attire and transforming the venue into a neon wonderland, the menu includes some specific neon-coloured snacks that will energise the party. Making neon-coloured snacks can be a challenge but is a fun cooking activity as well. Those who want to try out something different in their culinary art should try making some neon-coloured snacks with the neon-party theme.    

Here are some neon-coloured snacks that can be incorporated into the menu:    

  • Neon Cupcakes    

Cupcakes are an all-time favourite that is enjoyed by people of all age groups. These cupcakes are not only yummy to eat and pretty to look at but also fun to make. These miniature treats are adorned with bright neon frosting that catches the eye and ignites the taste buds. You can adorn it with swirls of electric pink, green, or dazzling blue colours that attract the attention of children as well as adults. 

Neon frosting can be easily made at home with a basic buttercream frosting base. All you need to do is divide the frosting into separate bowls and add a few drops of gel food colour in neon shades like pink, green and blue to them. Mix nicely until the hue is achieved and then, with the help of a piping bag, swirl it on the cupcakes.   

  • Neon Popcorn    

If you’re tired of consuming regular popcorn, then this neon popcorn provides a twist to the classic snack that will not only add vibrant colours but also an extra level of fun. Each kernel is coated with a neon hue, ranging from radiant pink to electric blue. Like classic popcorn, it pops with flavour and crunch, offering bursts of sweetness or saltiness at every bite. If you're wondering how the popcorn will achieve neon colour, simply mix the melted butter with neon food colouring or edible neon powder. Moreover, for a more vibrant effect, sprinkle edible neon colours over the coloured popcorn.    

  • Neon Cookies    

To make these cookies, infuse the sugar cookie dough with neon food colouring that has dazzling hues of neon. Separate the dough into different bowls so that you can use different neon colours. Like traditional cookies, the cookies are baked to perfection and offer a soft and chewy texture. Their bold colour stands out at any party or event. These cookies can be adorned with neon-coloured icing or sprinkles. 

  • Neon Cakes    

If you have some baking and decorating skills, then you can easily pull off these neon-coloured cakes. The confectionery treat offers layers of brightly hued cake, frosted with neon-coloured buttercream or fondant. You can also put your hands on the neon mirror glaze and cover the cake with this pretty, colourful glaze. You can also get more than one neon colour to make pretty patterns. For the unversed, mirror glaze on cakes is made with a mixture of gelatin, sugar, water and condensed milk. The glaze is poured over the chilled cake, which is allowed to spread evenly through the cake surface, creating a flawless, mirror-like shine. To create neon mirror glaze, vibrant neon food colouring is added to the glaze mixture. 

  • Neon Soda Or Punch    

This is a fascinating, thirst-quenching and visually appealing drink for your neon-themed party. Prepare this blend of vibrant fruit juices and neon-coloured sports drinks like grenadine, blue curaçao, or citrus that exude electrifying hues that complement the party’s glowing ambiance. Serve these neon drinks in clear glass or punch bowls. These drinks glow in the mesmerising black lights, creating the perfect ambiance for the party. You can make these drinks by combining equal parts soda and neon-hued sports drinks. Add a splash of pineapple juice or orange juice for extra flavour.   

  • Neon Nachos    

This provides a vibrant twist to the traditional Tex-Mex snack, infusing electrifying colours into it. The neon-coloured nachos are made by adding bright food colouring or are coated with neon-coloured cheese or seasoning. The chips are then piled with layers of melted cheese, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, and some jalapeños or savoury meats. They are bursting with flavours and are visually appealing.