Cricketer Shubman Gil's Parisian Breakfast Sees Caviar And More
Image Credit: Caviar, pancakes and fruits - Shubman Gill's grand breakfast

The Indian Cricket Team is on a month-long break after competing in the World Test Championship finals. Before starting with a test series versus West Indies, the cricketers who have been playing non-stop cricket have finally gotten the time to relax. And what better way to relax than to travel? Cricketer Shubman Gill has been posting his pictures from his vacation and recently, he gave all of us huge foodie goals when he shared the snaps of his grand Parisian breakfast. 

Shubman, who is seen as the next big thing in Indian cricket and is termed as Prince by fans who see him taking King Kohli’s legacy forward, has been roaming around in France like an inquisitive tourist. Recently, he shared a picture with a French caption, “C’est la vie” which translates to “that’s life”. Looking at all the amazing food on his plate, we agree with the caption as well. Let us look at the dishes that made it to his grand Parisian breakfast. 

Shubman was seen enjoying mini pancakes | Unsplash


As we all know whenever food is discussed, French food always finds a place in the conversation for being amazing, especially the large range of breakfast options that they have. Shubman too experienced it firsthand when he tried amazing breakfast delicacies in the beautiful city of Paris. In the picture that he posted, the cricketer was sitting on the open terrace of a dainty and beautiful cafe near the famous Hotel Lutetia. On his plate were delicious items starting from semifreddo with berries and plums to delicious looking mini pancakes and caviar. 

For the uninitiated, a semifreddo is a type of frozen Italian dessert similar to ice cream. The main ingredients are egg yolks, sugar, and cream. Along with that we could also spot eggs on the breakfast table, which obviously means that the cricketer is taking care of his protein needs even when he is on vacation. With all these wonderful dishes, the Gujarat Lions opener also had fruits like oranges kept on his table. It will not be an exaggeration to say that if there exists the perfect breakfast goals, then Shubman’s platter is the nearest to that perfection we can reach!