Creative And Delicious Ways To Use Lemon Curd
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When the idea of lemon curd first came about in England, it wasn’t the sweet, yellow confection that we find in jars today; rather, it was curdled cream with the addition of lemon juice that was separated through a cheesecloth. Unlike custards, curds differ in the sense that they taste more fruity and zingy than just smooth and silken. Typically, any fruit that can be juiced can be easily made into curds. Fruits like mango, pineapple, passionfruit and cranberries are commonly found along with lemon. You could just as easily make a batch of lemon curd at home with egg yolks, butter, sugar and lemon juice, or buy a jar from your nearest supermarket. Here are some ways in which to use lemon curd and yield some pretty impressive results.

Add To Whipped Cream

Marbling soft peaked whipped cream with spoonfuls of tart lemon curd works pretty well when slathered on top of cakes or eaten with a baked crumble. Mixing it with whipped cream ensures that there is a balance between the zesty flavour of the curd and the rich smoothness of whipped cream.

Swirl Into Breakfast Breads

Whether you’re making cinnamon rolls, croissants or just a plain old tea loaf for breakfast, the addition of lemon curd contributes an extra dimension of flavour to something that would typically be cloyingly sweet. Due to its citrus twang, lemon curd also helps in cutting through the buttery richness of these breads.

Bake With It

Adding lemon curd into pie crusts or sandwiching a spoonful between cookies or macaroons are a great shortcut of doing away with making custard or ganache for your baked goods. Add some berries on top if you want to be extra fancy and upgrade your expert-level in pastry-making.

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Dip, Dip

The thick and creamy consistency of lemon curd is ideal for dipping strawberries, finger cookies and nuts into. Place a small bowl on a cheeseboard, while hosting a party, for people to pick from cheeses, breadsticks, cake pops and more.

Make Cold Treats

Swirling some lemon curd into your homemade ice cream or frozen yoghurt is another creative way in which you can utilise that jar lying in your fridge and infuse an extra dose of flavour into your favourite frozen desserts. You could also add some to your granola or cereal and top it off with a scoop of ice cream for a makeshift midnight snack.