Craving A Healthy Snack? Here Are 6 Millet Recipes To Try
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Millets, the small grains that hold high nutritional value, are now beginning to be celebrate in the Indian culinary scene. With specialty meals designed to celebrate these grains and creative iterations like beer, drink mixes and healthy versions of snacks flooding our grocery stores, millets are being recognised for their high fibre and protein value in diets. When it comes to snacking – often associated with unhealthy eating patterns – finding healthier options that don’t throw you off-course your fitness journey, refer to this list of millet snacks you can enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee, during the evenings or mid-mornings.

Millet Tikki

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Made with sama ke chawal, the millet equivalent of rice, these delicious millet tikks are a versatile snack recipe that can be adapted in multiple ways. Make a mixture of cooked millet, boiled potato, spices, onions and fresh coriander and shape into tikkis, before shallow frying until golden brown on each side. Enjoy these warm tikkis as is, with some green chutney and ketchup on the side or add them to a sandwich or wrap, to make a healthy lunch alternative.

Millet Bhel

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Satiate those chaat cravings with a simple but zesty millet bhel. Use a combination of puffed rice, ragi flakes, puffed amarant and toss with spices, chutneys, onions, tomatoes and green chillies. Add a squeeze of lemon juice and eat it as a delicious but healthy, high-fibre snack when the junk food cravings begin to hit. This millet bhel can also be modified and made with readymade millet murukku or any other crunchy millet snacks.

Millet Sliders

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Use a recipe similar to the millet tikkis but swap the potatoes for some paneer and cooked rajma instead. These protein packed, plant-based sliders are a fun little snack to make for tea parties or for kids to enjoy during playtime sessions. Make the patties for these millet sliders beforehand and stash them away in the freezer, to use for later. Make it a treat by adding some grated cheese and balance the richness with some sliced tomatoes and pickled onions.

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Jowar Quesadillas

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Use leftover jowar roti dough to roll out flatbreads that you can toast, add your choice of protein, veggies and cheese to make a healthy, gluten-free quesadilla. Crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside, these warm hot pockets pair extremely well with a bit of spicy salsa and guacamole on the side. Add some sour cream or crushed nacho chips to make it the ultimate treat for your tastebuds.

Magic Millet Balls

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For a quick bite before your evening workout or run, pop a couple of these millet-jaggery balls, flavoured with cardamom, cinnamon and cranberries. Satiating sugar cravings as well as helping the body experience a slow release of energy, these sugar-free balls make for a fantastic healthy alternative to chocolates or cupcakes. Add some vanilla, chocolate chips or maple syrup to make these feel extra decadent and special.

Millet Crackers

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Vegan and gluten-free, these air-fried millet crackers made with ragi or amaranth flour are simple to make and can be made in large quantities. Use these crackers as a foundation to use a sweet cinnamon-sugar dry rub or a savoury garlic-paprika one, depending on your preferences. These crackers, although best enjoyed as is, offer themselves as a great vehicle to be used as a replacement for potato chips or nachos, when eaten with dips or sauces.