No matter how healthy we aim to be, sometimes you just have to give in to the munchies. Rather than deny yourself the joy of snacking, why not have some healthy snack options on hand to beat the cravings guilt-free? Ragi is an ideal ingredient to help you along that journey since it’s naturally packed with nutrients and benefits that will keep you fighting fit.

Every 100 grams of Ragi provides 334 grams of calcium making it one of the best non-dairy sources of the mineral. It also provides huge amounts of protein and carbohydrates which are perfect for a midday snack to fuel you up. With amino acids that enrich your hair and skin plus healthy fibres to nourish your gut, you’ll end up feeling good inside and out. So from traditional laddoos to trending wraps, we think you should go get your ragi on!

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Here are a few interesting ways you can make Ragi into a delicious healthy snack.

1.    Ragi Quesadilla


    1 cup ragi flour

    1 cup whole wheat flour

    1 cup chopped spinach

    ½ cup of corn

    ¼ cup chopped onion

    ½ cup grated cheese

    Salt – ½ tsp salt

    ½ tsp black pepper powder

    1 tbsp butter or oil


1.     In a bowl, mix the ragi flour, whole wheat flour, and a pinch of salt, then add boiling hot water and mix it all using a spoon. Knead to form a tight dough

2.    Saute the onion, and add the corn, spinach salt and pepper. Saute for another 2 minutes.

3.    Roll the ragi dough into round discs. Cook on both sides for 30 seconds.

4.    Add a spoon of cheese to one half of the tortilla, and add the spinach and corn stuffing plus another layer of cheese. 

5.    Grill the filled quesadilla for 2 minutes until the cheese melts and serve hot.

Image Credit: My Simple Living/Instagram 


2. Ragi Murukku


    1 cup ragi flour

    ½ cup rice flour

    ¼ cup besan flour

    2 tbsp butter

    1 tsp chilli powder

    1 tsp sesame seeds 

    ⅛ tsp hing





1.    Sieve the ragi flour, rice flour, and besan flour once and add 2 tbsp of room temperature butter.

2.    Add the chilli powder, sesame seeds and required salt and a sprinkle of hing.

3.    Knead the dough by adding water a little at a time.

4.    The dough should be soft and not stiff, else it will be hard to press. Keep the dough covered till you finish, to avoid drying.

5.    Grease the murukku press or piping bag and fill it with dough.

6.    Heat oil and check the temperature by dropping a small piece of the dough. If it raises immediately, then the oil temperature is perfect. 

7.    Pipe dough into the hot oil in a spiral shape. Fry till golden brown. 

8.    Repeat with all the dough, cool and serve. 

Image Credit: Nitha Homemade Cakes VKL/Instagram


3. Ragi Cookies


    1 cup ragi flour

    1 cup whole wheat flour atta

    ½ cup jaggery grated

    ½ cup ghee make sure it is semi-solid and not melted

    ½ cup coarsely crushed almonds you can use your choice of nuts

    1 tsp cardamom powder

    4 tbsp milk

    ¾ tsp baking powder


1.    In a big mixing bowl, take whole wheat flour, ragi atta, crushed almonds, baking soda, cardamom powder, jaggery, and ghee.

2.    Using your fingers, mix and rub the ghee with the other ingredients until all the ghee is well combined. When all the ghee is combined, the mixture will look like crumbs.

3.    Start adding milk to the dough to bring it all together. You would need 4 tablespoons of milk to bring the dough together.

4.    Cover or wrap the dough and refrigerate for 20 to 30 minutes.

5.    Meanwhile, pre-heat your oven to 175 degrees C.

6.    Divide the dough into 22 equal parts. Take one part of the dough and gently roll it into a ball using your hands. Flatten it between your palms. Place it on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

7.    Place the cookie sheet in the middle rack of the oven and bake them for 17 to 20 minutes 

8.    Take out the cookie sheet from the oven, and let the cookies cool down for about 15 minutes on the pan itself. Serve or store in an airtight container.