Craft Night At Home? 6 Tips To Create The Cosiest Set-Up
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Art therapy is an extremely cathartic way to engage all your senses, besides getting creative and letting your hair down. More so, if planning a crafts night at home is on the cards, you best believe that it requires very little effort. Apart from shopping for stationery or materials you want to use in making some fun jewellery, origami, painting or colouring books, chances are that you might also want to have a few more things handy for times when your friends would like to take a break.

Assorted Crafts

Prep for an evening of shared but varied interests by having an assortment of arts and crafts ideas that your friends can enjoy engaging in. Whether it is painting, sketching, crocheting or making bookmarks, lay out all the materials they might need before the party starts. Arrange all the stationery items in neat rows or colour-code them to make it look visually appealing. Zero-in on the number of activities once you have a final guest list or simply plan a single activity for a smaller group, so everyone bonds over crayons and paints.

Cocktails & Spirits

Let’s face it – how good is an arts and crafts party for adults without a bottle of wine to pass around or a cocktail to keep everyone company! Stock up your bar with a handful of commonly-consumed spirits or beer to keep the spirit of the evening high. You could also look-up a cocktail recipe to replicate in large batches and refrigerate beforehand, so guests can pour themselves a drink when they feel like.

Finger Foods

Since craft nights need full-time attention to create something fun, having elaborate meals might not be the best way to keep your guests fed. Have a bunch of small plates or snack like nachos, charcuterie, cheese platter, some chips and dips. Order a few boxes of pizzas once the evening is under way, for a laidback vibe. Finger foods are easier to serve and require scant table settings leaving you with ample space in the living or dining room to work in.

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Comfort Is Key

An inviting space where guests can lounge and unwind is also important for an art space to accommodate. Have plenty of pillows, throws and rugs in warm colours handy, while also ensuring that your room of choice has loads of natural light during the day and soft lighting in the evenings. Enhance the experience by lighting up some incense or scented candles for a bit of aroma therapy.

Designate A Crafts Station

Have a separate space to set-up a crafts station with all of the stationery and crafts kits, so guests can get a clear sense of what they’d like to pick and find, from one place. Either shop for materials first and make little kits containing the essentials, or simply have everything laid out in groups and bunches so each of them can take what they might find necessary to their creative pursuits.

Make ‘N’ Take

Always make sure that your guests are informed beforehand about taking the crafty piece of something that they create, when they’re leaving to go home. This will give them the motivation to participate fully in the activity, use materials consciously and also be thoughtful about what they want to come up with.