Covid: 4 Delicious Indian Delicacies You Didn’t Know Can Boost Immunity Too
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

'Food is medicine', is perhaps one thing that we’ve all heard once in our life, and with the rising health concerns amid the pandemic, it can’t be truer. Vaccination and other precautions are prime, but what we eat also matters a lot. With the third wave of Covid-19 already looming upon us, it’s time to step up our diet game and eat healthy. And if you think that eating healthy means all things boring and bland, you can’t be more wrong. You’ll be surprised at how many of the delicacies that you might be eating on a daily basis, or the ingredients you might be having in your kitchen right now are not just healthy, but also immunity-boosting.  

Immunity being of key importance today is garnering attention with a lot of people. Immunity-boosting foods are what people are moving towards now and no they aren’t anything special or different but are present in your kitchen already. Don't believe us? We have 4 amazing foods right here that you didn’t know are immunity-boosters.  

1. Khichdi 

This one-pot meal has always been known for being an ultimate comfort meal. Not only does this protein-rich meal help the body meet all its nutrition requirements, but is also easy to digest. The best part about khichdi is that you can experiment and add-in your choice of veggies and spices to make it more interesting.  

2. Chicken Stew 

A warm chicken curry paired with rice, chapati, dosa or appam is truly a delight. Poultry and eggs are rich in zinc and Vitamin B12 wherein zinc rich foods have immuno-nutrient properties that will help your body fight viral infections. Kerala’s Chicken Stew with Appams is the perfect, wholesome comfort meal that can leave your body with a warm and fuzzy feeling. While this delicious treat is irresistible, remember that moderation is the key when it comes to meat. 

3. Sarso Ka Saag 

Since winters are in full swing, there’s nothing better than gorging on fresh, seasonal produce. And speaking of winter food, sarson ka saag inadvertently tops the list at most north Indian homes. Made with mustard greens, spinach and bathua, sarson ka saag helps keeping one warm and fortified with nutrients. Mustard green is rich in dietary fibre along with anti-oxidants that protect our cells and boost immunity.   

4. Panjiri Ladoo 

Winter season also spells decadence in the form of panjiri ladoos. Besides satisfying our sweet tooth, these ladoos help boost your immunity, prevent cold and flu and make the skin smooth and supple. Made with ghee, wheat flour, nuts and seeds, panjiri is known to generate heat in the body, which is why it is quite a winter staple.