COVID-19: 5 Diet Tips To Follow Amid Rising Cases
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

COVID 19 has changed the lives of people completely, all across the world, and is responsible for the changes in our daily lives as well. The waves swept away millions of lives in the world, and continues to spread its fear in many countries. In India too, cases are on a rise yet again in many states, and authorities are warning to keep all the precautions up. And while masks, sanitisation and social distancing are the three main precautions that we need to maintain throughout, there is a need for awareness to maintain a healthy lifestyle in these difficult times as well. Certain lifestyle changes can bring about a healthier change in our body, boost immunity and our ability to prevent, fight and recover from infections. A proper diet can help keep our immunity strong, and so what we eat and drink is of prime importance. 

Good nutrition can also reduce the likelihood of developing other health problems, including obesity, heart disease, diabetes and hypertension. With Covid cases rising, there is a need to know what all one must include in the diet and what to avoid, to be as safe as possible. Here we have some diet tips to follow amid rising Covid-19 cases: 

1. Include fruits and veggies extensively 

Fruits and veggies are something that is a must in our diet, Covid or no Covid. And in maximum quantity. Several experts suggest having five servings throughout the day. Cclourful, vibrant fruits and veggies add a unique antioxidant that is healthy for our body. Besides they are the best sources of fibre and lots of vitamins, minerals that are crucial for our immune system. Certain fruits keep us hydrated as well, and vitamins help fight infection. Vitamin C, as we know, is one of the most crucial nutrients for lung health, which is found in abundance in fruits such as oranges and lemons.  

2. Nuts, seeds and dry fruits

Nuts and dry fruits are good for health, and we all know it well. But do you know why? These tiny wonders of nature are packed with healthy fats, complex carbs, antioxidants and proteins, that can safeguard you from multiple ilnnesses. Replace your sugary, fatty snacks with a fistful of these wonders, and you’ll see how it helps. You can add seeds such as flaxseeds to your drinks, salads and more. Consume almonds and cashews, and dry fruits as is. 

3. Don't quit on Carbs

Carbs have had a bad image overall, but carbs provide energy, and adequate amount of energy is what our body needs first. Carb rich foods like whole grains, vegetables, dairy and legumes, can work wonders for our health. Make simple whole grain rotis, boil some brown rice, choose oat-based muesli or put a quinoa salad together. Whole grains can keep the body energized for longer, and also balance out the blood sugar well. 

4. Milk and dairy products 

Milk is that all in one food that also adds antioxidant phytonutrients to our meals. Besides, it nourishes and soothes a sore throat, a major symptom of Covid. If you are on any type of medication, it can disrupt digestion, so a natural probiotic such as yogurt is the safest way to protect the gut.  

5. Hydrate 

This has been repeated by medical experts time and again, yet it never gets old. Hydrate well, and often. Adequate water, lemon juice, fresh fruit juices, fresh coconut water, chaas, and even warm concoctions of spices like cinnamon, ajwain, saunf, giloy sticks and ginger can work wonders for your health. Broths and soups can also come in handy to soothe the throat. 

Besides this, avoid any sort of packaged food, ready to cook ready to eat food as this is usually high in salt and spices. Excessive intake of sugary drinks only adds to the oxidative stress, they can also hamper our gut health. Avoid excessive alcohol as much as you can as it tends to weaken the immune system.