Copper To Iron: Metals To Avoid And Use While Cooking Food
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Different types of metals are chosen for their specific properties and suitability for various cooking techniques. Although eating healthy and nutritious food is of utmost importance, how and what utensils you should use for cooking must not be neglected. Cooking utensils, if not chosen correctly, can degrade the quality of the food. 

Some cookware materials are laden with toxic chemicals that, when mixed with food, can contaminate the food by seeping into it. Some materials used in utensils can diminish the essential nutrients in food and make it toxic. When consuming this food, it may give rise to several health problems like stomach aches, liver and kidney diseases, and others. 

Thus, it is important to take note of three metals you must avoid for cooking: 

  • Copper   

It is considered safe to drink water and eat food in copper vessels. However, the vessels shouldn’t be exposed to high temperatures. This is because the copper vessels have a reactive nature. The vessels react with salt and acids at high temperatures. Besides, if the pot is not lined properly, it can make the food toxic.


  • Aluminium   

One of the most widely used cookware materials in India owing to its sturdy nature and easy conduction of heat. However, when exposed to high temperatures, aluminium can react with acidic foods like tomatoes and vinegar. The reaction may make the food toxic and also lead to problems like stomach aches and nausea. Besides, it is a heavy metal that might seep into the food. 

  • Brass 

This metal has a heavy base and can be used in traditional cooking like meat, chicken, or biriyani. The dishes, which usually take a long time to cook, are made of brass cookware. However, it reacts with salt and acidic foods at high temperatures. It can be used for frying or making rice. Instead of brass, you can use bell metal or Kansa. 

However, certain cookware metals help retain the nutrients in the food. It is always preferred to cook with such utensils. From stainless steel to earthenware, use these to make your everyday food. 

  • Iron  

Cookware made of iron is the best material for cooking. Any type of cooking can be practised without causing any harm to the health. The metal gets heated up uniformly and helps in the quick cooking of the food. When exposed to high temperatures, it also releases iron, which is beneficial to health. 

  • Earthenware   

This cookware has become popular in recent times due to its safe usage. They are considered safe for cooking. However, it takes longer to cook in earthenware and is difficult to maintain. The cookware retains the moisture and nutrients of the food. 

  • Stainless Steel   

The sleek and shiny appearance of stainless steel has become popular nowadays. It is not harmful in any way, and the goodness of the metal is driven by its quality. Stainless steel is a metal alloy made with chromium, nickel, silicon, and carbon.