Ways To Clean Cast Iron Cookware
Image Credit: cast iron pan/ unsplash.com

One of the toughest and most adaptable materials used in cooking is cast iron. It can tolerate extreme heat, cooks at a high temperature, and is reasonably priced. As long as you know what to avoid doing when washing your cast iron skillet or pot, it's also quite simple to clean. Follow these straightforward cleaning guidelines to maintain your cast iron cookware in good condition over time: 

Make sure you're using the proper oil as the first step in maintaining the cleanliness of your cast iron. Use vegetable oil while cooking with cast iron, if at all possible. Animal fat will leave a residue that, over time, may lead to corrosion. After cooking, you should clean off any leftover food particles, then use a paper towel or brush to add some oil before putting it away. While we're talking about storage,

Clean with salt

When the pan is clean, sprinkle coarse salt on the surface and rub it in with a paper towel. You may use this technique to remove rust from cast iron cookware as well, but you must completely remove the rust before you resume cooking or it will contaminate your food. After using salt to remove tough stains, try rubbing them with steel wool or sandpaper to remove any remaining residue. If necessary, repeat this procedure once more.

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Due to its moderate abrasive properties, baking soda will aid in the removal of surface filth and stuck-on food. If there is a particularly tough buildup on the internal surface of your cast iron skillet, you can also soak it in hot water combined with a teaspoon of baking soda for 30 minutes before washing it as stated above with dish soap and warm water.

How to clean a rusty pan? 

Use a paper towel to initially wipe away extra rust from the pan's interior before beginning to clean it. After that, use your fingertips or an old dishcloth to grease the exterior. Next, clean any leftover rust spots on the interior of the pan with a toothbrush.

Then, soak your cast iron cookware in warm water for about 30 minutes to ensure that all food residue is removed before washing it with fresh water. The water should be warm enough so that it is not too hot when you put your hand in it. After washing by hand, immediately dry, or place over low heat on top of the stove for 10 to 15 minutes to finish drying.