4 Cooking Tips That Will Neutralize The Taste Of Any Food
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'Dude! This curry is way too spicy and salty!' Yes, we have all been committing various mistakes while cooking. For example, sometimes we add too much salt, which disturbs the taste of the food. However, if salt and chilli are okay, sometimes too much spice spoils the taste of the food. But making adjustments while tasting a dish can help save your dish. With patience, a little practice and an understanding of flavours, you can also tweak dishes to perfection and taste your food like a pro. Our handy guide includes everything from fixing too sweet, salty, bitter, bland and sour food to preserving food taste. So let's learn more about it.

Excess chilli in the vegetable

If the taste of the vegetable is very spicy, then you can use potatoes to remove that chilli texture. You can reduce the spiciness by adding boiled potatoes to vegetables as they quickly absorb the chilli. Apart from this, you can also add malai, fresh cream, or curd to it, reducing its chilli texture. Do you know that the sharpness can be reduced by adding gram flour?

Excessive masalas

Excess spices are often added to the vegetables while cooking. In such a situation, you can increase the number of vegetables to maintain their taste. For example, if there is too much spice in the potato curry, you can add one or two potatoes to it. You can also make dough balls and put them on for some time.

When the salt is high

When there is too much salt in the food, you can again use potatoes. Other than that, if salt is high in any gravy vegetable, make a ball of flour, put it in the curry for some time, and then take it out. This will reduce the amount of salt in the vegetable. Similarly, you can also try this method with dry vegetables.

How to remove sourness?

Don't worry if your gravy or curry has become too sour, as this problem can also be solved quickly. For this, add one to two spoons of sugar to the vegetable; it will remove the sourness.

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