Making Gajar Ka Achaar At Home? Tips To Remember

One of my best memories growing up is sitting on the terrace and sneaking pieces of the sun-drying pickle. My mother used to prepare pickles from the fresh winter produce, and there was nothing else that my sister and I looked forward to the most. The fresh and delicious winter produce coated with rich spices and soaked in oil and vinegar were enough to complete any meal. 

Growing up in Odisha, I was unaware of the pickles made with root vegetables. My first tryst with onion, radish and carrot pickles happened when I went to eat chole bhature the first time after going to Delhi. The fresh carrot and radish pickle added flavour to the entire meal and complimented the main dish. So, after coming home, I couldn’t resist making the delicious pickles at home. Although it took me a few trials to make the pickle perfectly, I finally nailed it. So, if you plan to make a carrot pickle at home anytime soon, here are some tips you need to keep in mind. 

Quality Of The Carrots 

Use fresh carrots to make the pickle for the best results. Fresh carrots have good flavour and texture and are perfect for making pickles. 

Dry The Veggies 

If you plan to make the pickle tomorrow, wash, cut and dry them tonight and keep the carrot pieces in the open. 


Dry roast the spices before blending them into a fine powder to eliminate the raw taste. 

Keep The Ratios Right 

If you are making the regular mustard pickle, make sure the ratio of mustard powder to chilli powder should be 1:2. This ratio will ensure the best flavour in the pickle. 

Let It Cool 

After the pickle is cooked, let it cool completely before transferring it to a jar. Transferring the warm or hot pickle will lead to early spoilage as the moisture will be trapped inside the jar. 

We hope the overhead suggestions will help you nail making carrot pickles at home.