Asian cuisine has garnered immense popularity in India and other parts of the world over the years. Especially the Chinese cuisine. And even though, there are chances we might not be eating authentic Chinese all the time at all Asian places in town, we have developed a strong bond with our own version of Chinese. Take for instance spring rolls, the crispy and crunchy outer crust and the soft filling inside has us drooling. The hearty filling of veggies or meat taste all the more delicious when paired with a fiesty dip or sauce. And on top of that, they make for all-time favoruite snacks. Be it a birthday party, a get-together with family, or a movie, or game night with friends, spring rolls are simply one of the best appetisers. Do you order-in this delectable snack from that restaurant down the road whenever you crave some? Simply because your homemade spring rolls turn soggy soon? No more! 

We’ve got certain tips and tricks that may help you roll the perfect spring rolls right inside your kitchen. No more spilling of overloaded filling or soggy rolls to serve. Making spring rolls at home might sound like a tedious task, but you'll be surprised at how easily you can toss some up. These four tips will definitely come handy: 

1. Experiment With Veggies 

The filling of the vegetable spring rolls should be full of veggies, but opt for seasonal vegetables. The taste of the rolls can be enhanced by simply making it juicier and crispier and the easiest way is to use veggies like carrot which gets the crunch. One can also go for soy sauce, lime juice and coriander leaves to bring in the juicy element.  

2. Steer Away From Moisture In The Filling

The excess moisture in the filling can make the spring rolls soggy sooner than usual. One way to keep it away is to grate the veggies slow and by hand instead of a machine since rigorous grating can make the veggies release more water.  

3. Check Salt

While sauteeing the veggies for stuffing, keep a check on salt. In case you are adding soy sauce to the stuffing, keep the salt in veggies low since the sauce too contains a good amount of salt. 

4. Do Not Overstuff 

Make sure to not fill the rolls with excess stuffing since the roll can break during the deep-frying process. Too little or too much of the filling doesn’t end up crispy. 

Now that you are equipped with all the tricks, go ahead and try some spring rolls at home with this quick and easy recipe from Slurrp right here