Cooking Paneer At Home? Keep These Tips Handy

Paneer also known as cottage cheese, is an integral part of Indian cuisine. This versatile, humble and all-time favourite ingredient is loved by everyone. It is also on top of all vegetarian menus, if not chicken then paneer. Whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, one can never say no to paneer. It can be easily made at home with milk, lemon juice or vinegar and a pinch of salt. In some parts of India, paneer is also known as chhena. 

From paneer burji for breakfast to palak paneer for dinner, it can be cooked in plenty of ways. This versatile ingredient is also a perfect appetizer for parties when served as paneer tikka or chilli paneer. Apart from being delicious in all its forms, paneer is also very healthy. It is a rich source of calcium, protein and minerals like zinc and potassium. Including paneer in your diet can help in keeping teeth and bones healthy and it also supports weight-loss.  

But often, while cooking paneer at home, we don’t get the desired results. So, here are five amazing tips to cook paneer perfectly at home: 

Always Rinse Paneer Before Using 

This is the first and most important step of cooking paneer. Wheather you are using a store-bought paneer or the homemade one, you should rinse it properly under the tap water. Doing this not only helps in getting rid of the sour taste but also removes any odour from their surface. If you don’t rinse the cubes, the flavour of your dish will be altered to the same taste and smell. 

Soak Them In Salty Water 

Most of the time, our paneer turns out to be a little hard and rubbery while cooking. If you are also facing the same problem, soak the cubes in slightly warm and salty water for ten minutes. This mixture will keep your paneer nice and soft for a long time. Just remember while cooking that you have already added salt to the water so add a bit less salt while preparing the dish. 

How To Refrigerate Paneer

If you are storing paneer in the refrigerator, make sure you cover it up properly. Not doing so will expose it to the harsh freezing air, making it lose all its moisture. You can also use an air-tight container while refrigerating to prevent it from becoming chewy and rubbery. Also, remember to bring down the refrigerated paneer to room temperature before cooking it.  

Add Flavour To Your Paneer

We all know raw paneer is tasteless, and the flavour comes from the ingredients that are used. Therefore, it is important to marinate the cubes properly before cooking them. Even if you are making a gravy-based dish, marinate paneer cubes before adding it. Frying the cubes before using in a curry also enhances the flavour. 

Add Paneer To The Gravy In The End 

As we all know, paneer doesn’t take much time to cook. Due to the high content of moisture, it can be cooked properly under ten minutes. Keeping them on the flame for too long can lead to a firm texture of the paneer that is not very appetizing. Therefore, always add paneer to the gravy in the last stage of cooking and do not worry about the flavour, paneer can easily soak them through the gravy.