Cooking In An Instant Pot? These Tips Come In Handy
Image Credit: Katherine Smeraglia/facebook

Instant pot is a superstar of the kitchen. Recently, it has got a huge popularity due to its ability of cooking slow-cooker recipes in less time. From varieties of dal to flavourful chicken biryani, this cooking equipment has solved the main problem of the kitchen i.e. time constraint. If you have an instant pot, then there is no need to compromise with taste. You can have your favourite dishes anytime instead of quick food or instant noodles. 

Instant pot not only reduces the cooking time but it is also easy to clean. It is an all-in-one pot that allows you to cook so many recipes, be it popcorn for a quick snack or a proper curry for dinner. Most of us think, instant pot is just like pressure cooker, but it is a lot more. It is also called it a multicooker. This pot can also be used to bake breads and cakes too. 

If you also have an instant pot in the kitchen or planning to buy one, here are five points you should keep in mind: 

1. Make Sure To Add Any Liquid 

It is very important to add some liquid in the instant pot while cooking. Unlike slow cooker or oven, this pot requires a little bit of liquid for steam to build up. Not following this can severely ruin your dish causing it to burn. 

2. Frozen Food Takes Longer Time 

Instant pot gives an option of cooking frozen food directly, without bringing them to room temperature. It has got our back on those days when we forget to take out the food from refrigerator, including meat. But always keep in mind that frozen food must be cooked for a little extra time in the instant pot. 

3. Check The Pressure Valve 

This is a very basic step but must be always kept in mind. It is very important to turn the pressure valve to seal before cooking. Sometimes, when in hurry, we tend to forget this step. If the pressure valve of the instant pot is not sealed, then the cooker releases steam instead of building up. 


4. Use The Correct Pressure Release 

There are two ways of releasing pressure after cooking in instant pot, natural release and quick release. For food with a lot of liquid such as meat and soup, you need to use natural release and on the other hand, for dry recipes like eggs use quick release to prevent overcooking. 

5. Do Not Place Instant Pot Under Upper Cabinets 

Specially during releasing the pressure valve at the end of cooking, do not keep the pot under a cabinet as repeated steam exposure can affect the paint and wood of the cabinet over time. It is always recommended to do it on an unobstructed stretch of the counter, if possible or just turn the pressure valve away from the cabinets. 

Instant pot is a blessing for food lovers with time constraint. Just follow these simple tips and treat yourself and family with delicious recipes every day.