Quick And Effective Tips To Clean Microwave Oven
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Our lives in the kitchen are made easier by kitchen equipment. Microwave ovens are one contemporary invention that has progressively gained a place in every home. Is there anything a microwave can't do to replace a gas stove or traditional oven, from heating to cooking and even baking? No ideas come to mind. Let's take a moment to acknowledge the microwave oven's value in our regular kitchen activities. Most likely, you too have a microwave and are aware of its many applications. But with regular use, you can find it difficult to clean. The main issue every microwave user has is getting rid of food splashes on the interior walls.

Steam with lemon water

Juice from one lemon is added to water in a bowl that may be used in a microwave. Turn up the power until you see steam forming inside the microwave and water boiling. Turn off the electricity and let the steam settle for about 10 minutes. Remove the bowl, then use a sponge to wipe it down completely.

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Make a thick mixture of baking soda and water, and apply it to stubborn food stains. After letting the paste sit for 5 to 10 minutes, scrub it away with a damp sponge.

Try DIY cleaning spray

In a spray bottle, combine distilled water, lemon juice, and white vinegar in equal parts. To completely incorporate everything, give it a good shake. The interiors should be sprayed with the solution, allowed to sit for about 5 minutes, and then cleaned with a damp washcloth.

Dish soap for greasy doors

The microwave's glass door has the propensity to become greasy quite quickly. With the aid of a sponge dipped in water and dish soap solution, remove the oil. Clean once again using a sponge dipped in simple water.