Cooking Frozen Vegetables? Keep These 5 Tips Handy

Using frozen vegetables and cooking them in salads, soups, main course dishes etc. is convenient and we all know this. Freezing the vegetables or buying the packed and frozen veggies from the market is the best way to enjoy the produce not available in a particular season. But is it that easy? NO! To get the perfect taste, texture as well as keeping in mind the food safety, there are some necessary steps that must be taken care of. You can thank us later! 

Wanna know how to cook frozen vegetables in the right and perfect manner? Here are some tips that you must keep handy! 

Don’t Forget Reading The Label 

You must know that all the frozen vegetables are not cooked at the same temperature and for the same duration. So, it is essential to read the label properly. It is essential to understand and learn the right temperature and right duration at which the vegetable should be cooked. It helps in giving the right taste and texture to the vegetables. 

Understand The Method 

Well, this may shock you but not all the frozen vegetables are required to be heated before cooking. Some can be defrosted and used. For example, corn or peas, both can be used after they are washed and kept at room temperature. This will save you a lot of time and will prevent that extra workload. 

Adopt Different Cooking Methods 

Did you know that you can experiment with different methods while cooking frozen vegetables? Not just boiling, you can also go for roasting, steaming as well sauteing. Using different cooking methods will provide a new rather good texture as well as taste to the dish these veggies are being put in. 

Microwave Could Be A Saviour 

If you are using frozen vegetables this time, don’t use boiling water but try using microwave. Some of the microwaves as well as ovens have an unbuilt defrosting setting that can do your work in just a few minutes. Using a microwave can speed up your entire cooking process and can save you a lot of time! 

Don’t Overcook 

Overcooking frozen vegetables is never a good idea. It is essential to know that frozen vegetables are generally blanched before going for the freezing process. Because they are already partially cooked, overcooking can destroy the texture as well as flavour. It can also affect the nutrients present in vegetables.

Did you know about these tips?