Cook A Delectable Gourmet Meal To Make Your Valentine's Day Extra Special
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Celebrations for Valentine’s Day are not always planned. Usually, it’s easier to celebrate with the multiple events around this day of love. This year though, as we are still nervous about going out and visiting public places and the government banning public gatherings, it’s not as easy. The essence of Valentine's Day is to make your loved one feel special and cared for. So, while we tried to explore what you could do for your loved ones while staying at home this Valentine’s Day, there was only one thought that came to our minds. The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. And, boom! The Valentine’s Day meal was born.

Valentine’s Menu

Now, you couldn’t just cook something from your vast dishes. So, chef Akshay Puljal lovingly created some delicious new dishes that are exclusive on their menu. Each of them is a love letter itself. We couldn’t avoid being hypnotised by the deliciousness of Sabz Handi and Murgh Razala. This international menu was created as an ode to the numerous international trips we wished we could have all taken, with cordon-bleu and arancini to show off your culinary skills. Of course, all this needs to be an experience reminiscent of a fine dining experience, so, for dessert, they have a box of artisanal chocolates and a handmade scented candle to complete this set-up.

Meal Kits

They have six options on their Valentine’s day menu to spoil their consumers' choice. Quikish meal kits are priced at Rs1,299 and upwards. Each of these kits takes only a fraction of the time spent cooking each dish from scratch. Not to forget the tedious process of shopping for the ingredients and the food prep that could take many hours. From sourcing the best ingredients to products and making your experience memorable, quikish meal kits are a great way to cook a meal and spend time with your significant other. You can cook together or cook for each other and make your kitchen a fun place to bond.

For a hassle-free Valentine’s Day, a quikish meal is perfect for making for your other half as you need not be a chef to cook a gourmet meal. Don’t waste any more time finding another stereotypical Valentine’s day gift as you can gift an experience your loved one will never forget.