From Connoisseurs To Lovers: Here's How To Grow Your Love With Every Meal
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From foodies to lovers: Hashtags such as ‘food are love’, ‘food is bae’, ‘foodbemyfirstlove’ has been in the social media trends for quite a while now. However, food has surpassed the notion of being a mere necessity. Mr Ravi Mittal, Founder and CEO, QuackQuack shares how it directly connects hearts and plays a pivotal role in building romantic relationships.

When food plays cupid

‘Food is suggestive of love when words are inadequate- this quote by Alan D. Wolfelt, a renowned author and educator, aptly describes the new-age connection between love and gastronomy! Apart from compatibility and vibe, individuals now consider food preferences as a deal-breaker. As a result, they connect and gel with their partners over their common gourmet interests. And this is how food plays cupid and transforms connoisseurs into lovers!

A prominent instance of this scenario was witnessed when the first wave of the pandemic hit us two years ago, and ‘lockdown love stories’ became the new fad. The couples who were already involved in romantic relationships were communicating using technology. On the other hand, the individuals scouting for prospects resorted to online dating. It helped them reach one step closer to their love interests. All the couples during this time were planning quarantine dates wherein they were not only having virtual meals together but were also exploring cuisines and cooking. Two years later, this trend has amplified significantly, and people continue to explore their passion for food with their beloved.

Exploring food, cuisines, and gastronomy together

Couples nowadays bond over food and celebrate their love by exploring their gastronomical interests. They prefer trying out new restaurants, cafés, and street shops for their dates and savour the taste of local as well as gourmet delicacies. They also plan food walks, excursions, and food tasting carnivals with the sole aim to pursue their culinary interest as their idea of ‘we-time’. Taking up cooking sessions is another intimate activity that helps ignite the flames of passion amongst the couples. While whipping, chopping, whisking ingredients together surrounded by vibrant colours and aroma, love is expected to increase by leap bounds!

Love growing with every meal

Earlier, having meals together was considered a responsibility in relationships. However, in the present times, couples prefer grabbing a bite together. Amidst their fast-paced lives, people think of mealtime as spending quality time with their partners. Hence, the concepts of ‘candlelight dinners’ or ‘bed in breakfast’ are not just limited to outdoor eateries. Couples are now bringing these trends to their personal spaces, and their love is blossoming with every meal they have together!

Couples that cook together stay together

Even in this era of cloud kitchens and online food deliveries, various couples prefer cooking together. Scouting for diverse recipes and preparing the cuisines is a collaborative task and helps strengthen their relationship. Therefore, it is no more perceived as an activity but as an idea of their ideal date and a plan to spend time and explore each other's culinary preferences. The aroma of sumptuous meals, eloquent wine, cosy vibes, and the company of your partner- an indoor date like this where food and romance combine is indeed irresistible!

Food is the saviour

Food has become the new language of expressing love and care in relationships. Food is their saviour when couples fight or any cracks develop in their bond. So whether you had a tiff with your partner after a rough day, you argued over “it was your turn to cook”, or you wish to celebrate a milestone in your relationship, or even if you desire to surprise your partner, food comes to the rescue!

Summing up

Passé were when couples used to cheat on their partners with food. It plays a central role in a relationship in the present times. Food drives the connection and helps ignite passion, intimacy, fulfilment, and desire.

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, it would be a good idea to plan a romantic day for your beloved and celebrate love over your common admiration for food. Preparing a five-course feast at home complete with candlelight, flowers, roses, and gifts or organizing a foodie V-Day date by visiting your go-to eateries; you should consider commemorating the day of love this year while exploring the ‘gourmet’ side of your partner!