Coffee Guide: When And What Kind Of Coffee Should You Drink?
Image Credit: Here's a quick guide to which coffee you should be drinking when.

While you can drink coffee at any time of the day, there are certain kinds of coffee that are best suited for the morning, while others are ideal for the rest of the day. Interesting, right? Most of the time, we tend to have a favourite coffee type, be it the milky latte or the light black espresso. And by habit, we prefer drinking the same kind of coffee throughout the day.

However, several studies suggest that there are certain varieties that are best drunk in the evening, while others can be your go-to morning drink. Why so, you ask? According to Italian coffee culture, the human body digests and adapts to milk-based coffees better in the morning than in the afternoon or evening. For instance, it is said that a latte or cappuccino contains more milk, so they are best consumed during the first half of the day, particularly in the morning.


Here’s a guide to which coffee is best for which time of the day.

1. Morning 


If you haven’t tried lattes yet, we bet you’d be amazed at how milky they taste. Considered one of the milkiest forms of coffee, a medium-to-dark roast is suitable for making lattes. Made with steamed milk, this hot cup is best savoured during morning meals. It is a great way to wake up in the cold winter months when you don’t want to get out of bed.


As this coffee contains a high amount of milk, it is regarded as a morning drink. You can either make it frothy or flat depending upon your preference, and it is best drunk for breakfast.


A filling cup of coffee or cappuccino is best consumed in the morning as it is perfect to substitute for a meal. Best avoided after large meals, this type of coffee is generally made with frothed milk and an espresso shot. The coffee contains high amounts of lactose and fat content, which lends an instant boost of energy in the morning. If you want to pair it with a meal, go for a light brunch.


This coffee doubles as a morning drink and a small mid-meal snack too, as it is very filling, just like cappuccino. Due to the rich ingredients of this coffee, i.e., hot milk, cocoa powder, and espresso shot, it is perfect for breakfast. The chocolatey flavour can be enhanced with the addition of whipped cream on top.

2.   Afternoon  


A quick and light cup of espresso is what your body would need after a heavy meal. This coffee contains a high amount of caffeine without milk, so it acts as an instant energy booster after eating heavy food.

3.  Evening  


For evenings too, a shot of espresso works pretty well since it doesn’t contain any milk and is not heavy on the stomach, so it is easier to digest. Another type of coffee that is actually ideal for all times of the day is the Americano. A watered-down version of espresso, hot water is added to a single or double shot and can be sipped throughout the day.