Clearing The 5 Common Myths Associated With Popular Vodka
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Vodka is one of the most well-known spirits in the world. You've definitely had a few, but did you know that there are a lot of misconceptions about vodka? Do you firmly trust all that you have learned about vodka? That statement may contain some truth, but there is a caveat. There may be more popular misconceptions regarding vodka that you have heard that are untrue. These false beliefs about vodka's history and origins have been handed down through the generations. So let's dispel some of these falsehoods for good!

Myth 1: All Vodkas Are Distilled From Potatoes

There is a widespread misperception among drinkers that all vodka is created from potatoes, even though just 3% of the world's vodka is distilled from potatoes. Vodka may actually be made from anything that contains fermentable sugars or starches, unlike most other types of spirits; the most common ones being winter wheat and corn.

Myth 2: All Vodkas Are The Same

Each vodka brand has a different method of production, which distinguishes and differentiates each one from the others. People assume that all vodka tastes the same since the stereotypical perception of vodka is that it is flavourless and colourless. That's not the case, though. Because of the raw materials available there, Eastern European vodka, or the classic style vodkas, are more stronger and potent, whereas Western vodka is renowned to be tasteless strong, more approachable, and also the safest to consume.

Myth 3: More Distillation Is Better

How many distillations are there in vodka? Is more always better? You could have believed that numerous distillations were necessary to create a vodka of the finest calibre, but when you start with the most premium ingredients, one is sufficient and even the best.

Myth 4: All Vodka Is Made In Russia

You might be surprised to learn that it isn't simply a Russian thing. Although vodka originated in Russia, it is currently produced globally. It can be purchased practically everywhere on the planet.

Anywhere in the world can produce vodka as long as it satisfies certain requirements for quality and purity. All types of vodka are clear liqueurs created by fermenting and distilling grains or potatoes several times.

Myth 5: Higher Prices Mean Better Quality

Even while buying the cheapest item on the shelf is never a smart idea, you don't necessarily have to get the most costly bottle. Prices are frequently determined more by image and branding than by actual quality. What should your budget be for vodka then? Given that the price tag is not a reliable indicator of quality, this is a challenging topic. You should shop around to get the proper bottle and price range for you.