Cooking With Vodka? Follow These Tips To Make Delectable Dishes
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We can all agree that vodka makes excellent shots and even amazing drinks. But did you realise that clear spirits have been used much beyond just drinking them? Did you know, for instance, that you may also cook with it? Penne alla vodka is always on the menu of an Italian restaurant. And even if that pasta dish is unquestionably a classic that everyone should try at least once in their lives, there are other choices as well. As it turns out, vodka may be used in a wide variety of ways outside drinking and tomato sauce. It may be included in your entire dinner, from the soup to the dessert, and you can even use it to make your own extracts. It can be used in marinades and sauces. Why wouldn't you include it in some way for every meal when there are so many options? For some fresh and unusual variations on some of your favourite recipes, we've highlighted various methods to include vodka into your cuisine. Cooking with vodka is not an easy task. You can't just pour it in and start cooking with it. 

Here are some tips and tricks with which you can cook amazing and delicious dishes with vodka without any hassle-

Use good-quality vodka

Chances are that you won't use an ingredient in your cuisine if you don't like it. So it is advised that you must put in good quality vodka for an enhanced flavour. Vodkas that cost less could be a little harsher and burn a little more.

Use the right quantity

Despite the fact that most of the alcohol will burn off, it won't have an impact on the final product. The vodka's flavour can make or break a dish. While a little could improve the finished product, a lot could make a complete mess of it. So make sure, you add in the right amount of the spirit to prevent your dish from getting ruined. 

Marinade for fried chicken

While some people swear by cornflakes or cornflour, adding vodka to the marinade before dredging the chicken in your preferred topping is one way to guarantee a crispy skin. Alcohol evaporates even more quickly than water because it is more volatile, which gives the crispy batter more places to sink into.

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When making pie crust from scratch, it might be challenging to get the buttery, flaky crust that we all desire. You can make a crust that will always be flaky by switching the water to vodka. The likelihood of the liquid forming gluten, which makes the dough stiff and difficult to handle, will be reduced if you use vodka. Moreover, vodka will evaporate quickly, unlike water, which takes time to cook off, producing a crust that is dry and flaky just the way it should be.

Use it to deglaze your pan

Deglazing your cookware is usually a good idea when cooking meats or vegetables because it not only makes the pan easier to clean after the cooking process but also results in a delicious sauce that you can use to finish your dish. The sort of alcohol you use to deglaze your pan depends on what you're cooking and the flavour profile you want to achieve, much as with most recipes. While vodka is great for things like a light, creamy pasta sauce or a seafood meal, red wine or brandy would be better choices for a robust protein.