Clean Your Keurig Coffee Maker The Right Way
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A Keurig coffee maker can be a pretty life-changing appliance; if you happen to have one or know the joys of pouring the most perfect cup of Joe in the morning, it is caffeine at your fingertips. With coffee-makers like Keurig, the hands-off experience can be pretty smooth and rather fuss-free. That said, even easy machines such as this one, require bare minimal maintenance, especially with regards to cleaning them. A drip coffee machine like Keurig is prone to the possibility of building up bacteria and sediments inside them affecting their overall performance and coffee that tastes unpleasant.

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Failing to keep your coffee machine clean or descaling, as it is known, can also be an unsafe method in using your appliance. Cleaning and regularly maintaining your coffee-maker involves a few simple steps and the use of a most common cleaning agent – white vinegar. The overall process to clean your appliance might take a few hours but then also remember that this is an activity you only need to perform periodically.

The Reservoir

Emptying the reservoir once you turn off the machine and filling it up to the point of the maxium mark with undiluted vinegar kills any residual bacteria, along with removing any stains.

Running The Coffee-Maker

Place a mug on the drip tray of your appliance and lift the handle to check if there are any leftover pods inside. Select the largest cup setting on your machine and continue to empty the hot contents until the ‘Add Water’ sign lights up.

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Rinse It Clean

Allow your coffee-maker to rest for a minimum of three hours on the ‘Add Water’ setting with the power on, in order to let any leftover vinegar drip away.

Fill With Water

Refill the reservoir with fresh water to wash out the vinegar on the largest cup setting, until it empties. Doing this once, every six months, is effective and advisable.