Citrus Fruits to Ice Creams: 7 Foods You Must Avoid With Bananas
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Bananas are one of the most nutritious foods and a powerhouse of important vitamins and minerals. They're very beneficial for our health and also scientifically proven to regulate blood pressure. Bananas are also packed with vitamin C and vitamin B6 and they also boost immunity. If you have a slow metabolism then eating bananas can also accelerate your metabolic system. Banana is also quite rich in fibre which is why it aids digestion. The natural sugar in bananas is also perfect to provide the needed energy boost to your body. Above everything, these are very convenient and nutrition-dense snacks that you can pack for the office or college. But while eating bananas, it is important to take care of the other food that you are pairing it up with. Here are seven foods that you must never pair with bananas.

* High Protein Food

Many people think that including protein in all your meals and snacks is extremely healthy. However, it is important to consider that foods high in protein may not go well with a lot of other foods. If you combine milk with meat or eggs, then it may slow down your digestion process and may even lead to indigestion. Bananas are quite easy to digest and can cure your bad stomach. However eating food high in protein may lead to fermentation in your stomach, which will produce excessive gas in the digestive tract. This is not good for your body and you might end up feeling extremely uncomfortable. So it is generally advised to skip pairing food high in protein with milk. 

* Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are great and flavourful and are liked by everyone. Some examples of citrus fruits are oranges, lime and grapefruits. However, eating citrus fruits with bananas may lead to indigestion and even discomfort for some people. This is because both bananas and citrus fruits contain acidic nutrients. The combination of these fruits can be very harsh for the stomach. Many people cannot tolerate such a high level of acidic food in the stomach which is why this combination must be avoided.

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* Sweets

Bananas already have a high level of natural sugars. Combining bananas with other sweets and desserts may suddenly shoot up your sugar intake. It may also lead to weight gain and other health-related issues. If you want to add bananas to your desserts then avoid adding any artificial sugar to the recipe. Let the desert have the natural sweetness of bananas. There are a lot of dessert recipes that use bananas for the taste and natural sweetness. You can do the same.

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* Avocados

Avocados and bananas are both very high in potassium. Eating both of them together can increase the potassium levels in your body. This may lead to hyperkalemia. It is a disorder that is caused by excessive potassium levels in the blood and has negative repercussions on the body. One should avoid pairing them together at any cost. Many people like having this combination for breakfast due to a lack of necessary information.

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* Cold Food

Eating cold food such as ice cream just after consuming bananas can also lead to stomach discomfort. Bananas already fall under the cold food category. The combination of two cold foods may lead to digestive, discomfort, bloating, and the formation of excessive gas. You should especially avoid eating this combination when you are suffering from a fever or cold as it might trigger unwanted health complications in your body.

* Green Bananas

All banana lovers must know that ripe bananas are generally easier to digest. But pairing them with green bananas or unripe bananas may lead to digestive discomfort. Green bananas generally contain more resistant starch, which is why they're very hard to digest, especially for human beings. The human stomach doesn't contain enough acids and enzymes to break down the resistance starch in these bananas. Eating these bananas may lead to bloating and gas in some individuals. 

* Milk And Dairy Products 

Bananas are naturally very rich in proteins, fibre and other important minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin B and potassium. This makes it an overall healthy and nutritious food. But when bananas are combined with milk fats, the increase in other nutrients makes it very hard for our bodies to digest everything together. It may lead to bloating and uneasiness among a lot of people. This might be a shock for many people but drinking a banana smoothie might be a reason why you feel bloated throughout the day.

These are some of the top foods that you must avoid pairing with bananas. Taking care of your health is very important which is why the knowledge of such things is essential for the well-being of your body.