Banana Stem Curry: The Goodness Of Banana With Kerala Spices
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In Indian cuisine, a dry vegetable curry made out of raw banana called Kache Kele Ki Sabzi is quite familiar. It is an acquired taste that with patience will last forever. While the raw banana is accepted in many households across India, have you ever come across a curry made entirely out of the banana stem? Don’t be surprised, it tastes delicious just like any other curry. A native to the land of Kerala, Banana Stem Curry, also known as Vazhaithandu, is a regular in homes down south.

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A plant available in abundance, especially growing in the backyards of rural homes in Kerala, Banana Stem Curry is unique in its own ways. While one can make a Thoran out of it, the banana stem is also used in various soups, stews, curries, and other dishes locally known by the name of Thogayal, Pachadi, Poriyal, and Koottus. It is also used as juice as well as in a version of raita.

What makes this dish important to include in the daily diet is the fact that it is rich in minerals, fiber, and prepared with mild spices keeping the gut happy. With the main ingredient, coconut, this humble Banana Stem Curry is a must-try.  


1 medium-size peeled Banana stem  

1cup Curd

6 Baby onions

2 Green chillies

4 Dry red chillies

2 sprigs of Curry leaves

1 tsp Mustard seed

2 tbsp Oil



Fine chop the banana stem and remove the fiber at the same time. Once done, keep in a bowl of water. Wash, drain, and keep aside.

In another bowl, add the chopped banana stem, curd, salt, onions, and green chillies. Mix well and keep aside.

On medium heat, to a pan add oil, mustard seeds, dry red chillies, curry leaves, and onions. Fry them well.

Now pour these fried ingredients onto the banana stem curd mix, and combine well. Serve.

This dish is whole health in a bowl, without us even knowing about it. Well, there is no right way of relishing the Banana Stem Curry. While one can dip into steaming rice, there is also the famous Kerala Poratha to take a dip with, in the curry.