Chutneys You Never Knew Existed

An Indian thali has much popularity across the country. It is not only about the taste but the variety of dishes one sees on a single plate. We have so many main course dishes and desserts together and just looking at them makes us feel full. But there is something that if not present, can make the thali look incomplete. What are we talking about? Yes, Indian condiments. Indian condiments like pickles and chutneys can spice up your meal and make it more satisfying. 

Chutneys are one of the essential condiments we have. Just like we have dips in other cuisines, chutneys are made with Indian ingredients and are full of spices. Whether you have snacks or a main course, chutneys make your meal complete. You may have heard of many chutneys like coriander chutney, tamarind chutney, or tomato chutney. But we have brought for you a list of chutneys that you never knew existed. See what we have for you!

Mango coconut chutney 

We all know mango chutney as it is celebrated all across the country. But the one we are talking about has a blend of coconut in it. It doesn’t have many ingredients and is best known for its unique flavour. It has mangoes, coconut oil, chilies, and grated coconut and goes well with chapatis and even South Indian food. 

Mooli walnut chutney 

This concoction of mooli (radish) and walnut may sound weird but is delicious. It is a famous Kashmiri delight and served with chapatis and rice. Radish gives this chutney a moist texture while walnut adds a crunchy and nutty flavour to it. Those who love the sharp flavour of radish must give this chutney a try. Believe me, you will not regret it.  

Olive gurh chutney 

If you want to give a treat to your taste buds, this chutney is the right thing. Olive gurh chutney is an Assamese delight and should be on your list if you are a chutney fan like I am. For those who don’t know, olives are grown in the interior parts of Assam. Interesting right? This tasteful chutney has olives, honey, and jaggery and is very delicious. 

Jalpai chutney 

This chutney variety is from the kitchen of Bengal. Made up of Ceylon olive, this chutney is more on the sweeter side. Olives are cooked with sugar until the desired sweetness is achieved and form a mouth-watering and delicious condiment.

Papaya chutney 

This fruit chutney is a commonly served condiment in Bengali weddings. This chutney has a mixed taste of sweet and sour and is also known for aiding smooth digestion. One can always add extra flavours and tadka to spice it up. 

Pineapple pachadi 

This chutney is something that all pineapple lovers will definitely try. This fruity chutney has a dual taste of sweet and sour and surprises the taste buds. One can add chilies for extra flavour to this chutney which is an essential part of Onam in Kerala.  

Coconut Ginger chutney 

Coconut is a star and we cannot disagree on this. Normal coconut chutney we all know but this one with a touch of ginger will make you crazy. Not only does it have the soothing taste of coconut but the sharp and zingy taste of ginger will definitely delight your taste buds. 

I can bet that many of hardcore chutney lovers might have not heard of these chutneys but we are here for you like always. Let us know which of these came out as a shock to you. See you!