5 Condiments For Your Cheeseboard Masterpiece
Image Credit: Photo: Anto Meneghini

You’ll probably fancy a lot of things on a cheeseboard — bread, crackers, salamis, tomatoes, nectarines, peaches, grapes, cucumbers and so on, based on what you dig the most. We’ll be talking specifically about the spreads, dips, jams and pickles so you have a fair bit of idea of what to add to your voluptuous cheeseboard masterpiece.  


1. Green apple chutney  

If you’re going for a kid-friendly board with the likes of cheese, crackers and grapes, then your best bet is to opt for a green apple chutney to go with everything. It’s an incredible choice, and kids will definitely enjoy the burst of sweetness from the fruit chutney.  

Photo: Sushmita Debnath


2.  Onion dip  

Well, the millennial generation certainly loves its dip. You are most likely to find a dip in the cheeseboard curated by someone who just invited their friends over for a get-together. Why just onion dip…you could also go for an onion-garlic dip or onion-jalapeño dip.  


3. Strawberry preserve  

You don’t have to be in sunshine or a floral state of mind to enjoy the strawberry preserve. You may as well put this on the board right away because strawberry complements any spicy cheese such as black pepper, sriracha or habanero cheese. As a matter of fact, any berrylicious jam will taste great. Blackberry, raspberry, cranberry… 

Photo: Natural Chef Carolyn Nicholas

4. Sangria jelly   


Why of course you should make sangria jelly for your cheeseboard. The bright red colour is surely impressive, but the amazing addition of red wine in this sweet jelly brings out a mind-blowing flavour that will entice you to the max!  


5. Sun-dried tomato relish  

Photo: Ryan Concepcion

I, for one, only love a sweet condiment for my cheese.  But I mean, we just had to have at least two savoury condiments on the list. And for the second option, we went with the classic. What could be better than the awesome red and juicy relish? 


Have one, or have all of these condiments on your cheeseboard!