Christmas 2022: This Is What Santa Claus Loves To Eat And Drink
Image Credit: Santa Claus and his favourite milk and cookies, Freepik

All of us from our childhood have been growing up with a strong belief that Christmas means getting gifts from our dearest Santa Claus. No matter how old we are, that inner child still clings to this sentiment. Christmas isn't merely about indulging in decadent festive grubs. How many of you know that people worldwide offer an equally lavish spread for their favourite Santa? Yes, it might sound surprising for many, but the jolly good fellow Kris Kringle has his list of choicest edibles and potables. Nothing compares the joy of discovering Santa has taken a few bites out of the cookies you left him the night before when you wake up on Christmas morning. Then the satisfaction of unwrapping the enormous stack of gifts he left becomes much higher. So, let's find out what Santa Claus loves to eat and prefer to indulge on the Christmas eve.

Biscuits, cookies and chocolates

Santa enjoys snacking on gingerbread, biscuits, and shortbread. He relishes his bikkies. Everything from homemade honey biscuits to gingerbread, chocolate chip cookies, and shortbread arranged to appear like Santa himself is frequently a fantastic choice. Santa is also fond of chocolates. 


Milk and cookies, Image Source: Unsplash

Santa is a big fan of white milk and cookies. A few children prefer to bring him some flavoured milk, especially chocolate milk, for a delicious surprise. Many kids have a simple ritual of leaving a large glass of chilled milk and cookies for their dearest Santa on the eve of Christmas. However, one can also replace the milk with eggnog, his favourite drink!

Mince Pie

Many people believe that while Santa puts presents under our Christmas trees, he consumes an enormous amount of mince pies. It's no surprise that many people leave Santa a warm mince pie, a Christmas tradition. Also appearing on the list: a slice of fruit cake, Christmas pudding etc.

Heady beverages

Mulled wine, Image Source: Unsplash

Santa drinks a lot of sherry, beer, port wine, and whiskey in addition to milk. Mulled wine, sherry, and whisky are among the drinks served to him in England. There is also a custom of offering him rum, baileys, and vodka. According to a ballpark estimate, he consumes a limitless amount of booze on Christmas Eve as a yearly custom. In the UK's Northeast region, the celebrators purportedly leave 47% alcoholic drinks. In Ireland, it is customary to serve him a pint of Guinness, a bitter stout.


Over the years, Santa has proven his love for eggnog. The jolly old fellow enjoys indulging in this decadent drink. Give him a glass of this milk and egg concoction; he is happiest. Even though eggnog is now still frequently spiked with rum or bourbon during holiday celebrations, it tastes just as lovely without it.

On Christmas Eve, what do you leave Santa for Santa a snack?