Here Are Some Christmas Food Traditions That May Shock The Daylights Out Of You
Image Credit: Source: mamasbakeryistanbul/Instagram

With the nip in the air and the festive carols being heard already, we know it’s time for the festive season to knock at our doors anytime now. Christmas is already here and we know you can’t wait to prep for the festival and enjoy it with friends and family. Although Christmas is special and fun-filled for everyone alike. For us, nothing says “Merry Christmas” more than the delicious spread of delicacies along with eggnog on the side.

Almost all parts of the world have their own Christmas culinary traditions that are absolutely drool-worthy. From the French Yule Log to the Panettone of Italy, one can’t get enough of these Christmas delicacies. But will you believe us if we say that there are some Christmas culinary traditions that may leave you squirming in your seat? We know it’s a bolt from the blue but we leave it to you to see whether you would want to try the following Christmas delicacies or not.

1. Jell-O Moulds

Popularised during the Victorian era, Jell-O Moulds are considered a royal dish. Although quite fancy-looking, the wiggly dessert is made with the skin and bones of cows and pigs. Looks certainly don’t matter here, do they?

2. Fried Worms

The harvest season of mopane caterpillars match with Christmas in South Africa and these worms are served with gravy in the Christmas feast. Would you fancy eating some crunchy worms with gravy or will you simply pass it on?

3. Roasted Sheep Head

Also known as Smalahove, roasted sheep head is served as a Christmas classic in Norway. Sheep head is dried and salted and is roasted over an open fire and served with mashed potato. 

4. Holodets

Soups and stews are comforting in their own way. But would you eat it if we tell you that a soup is converted into jelly? The dish is a Russian Christmas dish that is made by converting chicken soup into jelly.

5. The Four/Five/Six Bird Roast

Sounds scary already? Well, it is though. Imagine a quail stuffed inside a chicken that is stuffed inside a duck that is stuffed inside a turkey. Trust us when we say this, the dish is as weird as it sounds. This bird roast is probably a marketing technique by food companies to force the customers into curious shopping of birds jammed into each other. Personally, I wouldn’t eat it. Would you?

If served in a Christmas feast, will you dare to pick up your forks and spoons and try out these weird dishes? Do let us know in the comments section.