Chris Hemsworth’s Family Dinner Turns Into A ‘Festival'
Image Credit: Chris Hemsworth/Instagram, The Marvel actor enjoyed a 'quiet' dinner with family.

The dedication towards his workout and a healthy diet regime has made him quite popular among his fans and followers around the world. Another likeable aspect about his personality is his love for his family and food. Over the weekend, Chris was seen enjoying a wholesome family dinner at an Asian restaurant, and we are smiling ear to ear after watching it. He took to his Instagram handle to share a couple of videos, where the actor, along with his kids, was seen enjoying the food, music and dance to the core. The restaurant’s chefs were spotted performing with LED glasses and the beats made Chris and his family groove too.  

In the first video, one could witness the foot-tapping moves of the two chefs and Chris was really enjoying it. In the next video, Chris took up a fun challenge where the chefs threw food in his direction and he was trying to grab it with his mouth mid-air. While he was successful in most of his attempts, he missed the last shot. His wife, Elsa Pataky was in splits, looking at her husband going all out and entertaining his family.  

Source: Screengrab of Instagram video/Chris Hemsworth

In the final video, we see the three kids jumping up in excitement and dancing to the tunes of a song along with the two chefs while the food is being prepared on a hot griddle. Veggies and meat are spotted on the hot slab, while the chefs are multi-tasking by cooking and dancing at the same time. Chris captioned the post saying, “Just a nice quiet dinner with the family..🤣 who would’ve thought a casual meal would’ve turned into a full blown festival”. It actually seemed like a festival as Chris and his family had a gala time.