Chole Bhature In Delhi: History, Types And 5 Must-Visit Spots
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India's capital, New Delhi, is one of the best places to hang out if you want to have great food. From street food to fine dining, you can have everything that you want in this city. But there is something about chole bhature, Delhi's favourite breakfast. While most people might think having such heavy and oily food early in the morning is not the best start to the day, Delhi begs to differ. There are literal queues outside famous spots for chole bhature early in the morning, where people stand for hours to buy the famous dish and enjoy it with their families.

As the name suggests, chole bhature is made of two different dishes paired together to make the most interesting combination ever! Chole is a chickpea curry that is spicy, tangy, and the perfect gravy to pair the bhature with. Bhatura, on the other hand, is a giant bread made with maida, sooji, and curd and then deep fried to perfection. This iconic dish has put Delhi on the map for foodies, and it surely is a must-try if you are visiting the city.

History of Chole Bhature

As much as Delhi is popular for having the best chola bhatura joints, it's Punjab where the dish was eaten first and popularised through the roadside dhabas. Punjab has a history of agricultural abundance, and this has significantly influenced its cuisine. Chickpeas have been cultivated in the region for centuries, making them a staple ingredient in Punjabi cuisine. Chole bhature was initially prepared in homes and dhabas in Punjab. As the population began to migrate out of the state, the dish started gaining popularity, especially among the multi-cultural crowd in Delhi. 

The 5 Types of Chole Bhature

Chole bhature is a dish that has, thankfully, saved itself from the too many crazy experiments that have been happening, fuelled by social media and its trend of going viral. While the basic elements of chole bhature remain the same, there are several regional and creative variations of this dish, offering diversity in taste. Here are some types of chole bhature:

Classic Chole Bhature

This is the traditional and most common version of the dish. It features spicy chickpea curry made with a mix of spices like cumin, coriander, red chilli powder, and garam masala. The bhatures are deep-fried, fluffy, and often slightly crispy on the outside.

Pindi Chole Bhature

Pindi Chole is a variation known for its dry and spicy chickpea curry. It's less saucy compared to the classic version, but it's intensely flavoured with spices like red chilli powder, amchur, and anardana. Pindi Chole Bhature is popular in Punjab, and it uses tea leaves for its distinct dark brown colour.

Aloo Chole Bhature

In this variation, boiled and diced potatoes are added to the chickpea curry, creating a heartier and more filling dish. It also thickens the gravy and makes for a very satisfying combination with achaar and sliced onions.

Paneer Chole Bhature

Paneer cubes are added to the chickpea curry to create a creamy and protein-rich version of chole bhature. It's a favourite among those who love the combination of paneer and spicy curry. Sometimes, grated paneer is also added to the bhature as a nice filling.

Palak Waale Chole Bhature

In this variety, the gravy is made with boiled spinach or palak paste. Tomatoes, onion, ginger, and garlic are boiled with spinach, made into a fine paste, and then cooked with spices to achieve a creamy yet masaledar gravy.

The Top 5 Must-Visit Chole Bhature Spots in Delhi

There are several spots to enjoy the iconic dish in Delhi. It might be a huge restaurant, a franchise, or it might just be the street vendor right near your house; chole bhature is entrenched in the culture of Delhi. But if you want to taste the best of this dish and enjoy it fully, here are our recommendations for the top 5 spots to enjoy chole bhature in Delhi.

Sitaram Diwan Chand

Located in Paharganj, this iconic shop is known for its chole bhature all over the city. Established in 1950, trying the chole bhature from this place is like tasting a bit of legacy with every bite that you take. Patrons who have been eating here for years say that the quality is still good, and the taste is still the best! The chole bhature here is served with pickles, masala aloo and lots of onions. 

Chache di Hatti

Calling yourself a foodie and not visiting this place in Kamla Nagar should be a sin. This place is so popular that everything that the store sells is gone by 1:00 PM. So, you will have to go and queue up for your turn in the morning to be able to buy chole bhature from here. The price point here is very affordable, and you cannot just stop at one serving!

Giani di Hatti

If you want to taste the perfect balance of spices, ghee, and chole in your dish, this is the place to visit. With a humble shop in Chandni Chowk, Giani di Hatti provides the full Delhi-style, hot and spicy chole bhature breakfast meal experience. Do not forget to pair it with lassi and enjoy the whole experience!

Aaojee Sweets

Aaojee Sweets in Shadipur is a great place to visit for all paneer lovers, as their paneer waale chole bhature is extremely popular and in demand. With thick pindi gravy, the dish is served hot and fresh. Stand there and enjoy it like the iconic street food that it is or pack the bhature and eat it in the comfort of your home—the choice is yours.

Rama ke Chole Bhature

If Virat Kohli thinks it is good, that must be really good! The former Indian captain and current star batsman of team India has mentioned this place many times and how he loves having chole bhature from this Tilak Nagar-located shop. The way Virat had talked about the place, it soon went viral, and people visited the shop just to taste the bhature that the cricketer called his ideal cheat meal!