Top 10 Places For Chhole Bhature As Recommended By Delhi Foodies
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Chhole bhature is a dish that has become synonymous with Delhi. The range, quality, and variety that you will find in this single dish in the entire city of Delhi are almost unbelievable. Every chhole bhature waale bhaiya at every corner of the city has something unique to offer you. While some offer spicy chhole, someone else has the softest bhature, and other vendors might just have the best gajar ka achaar that you have ever tasted. Delhi and chhole bhature have a special soul connection, and only true blue foodies will be able to understand how deep that connection is.

When we talk about the best places to try chhole bhature, the first place that comes to mind is Rama ke chhole bhature, all thanks to Indian cricketer Virat Kohli and his eternal love for the place. There are several other places spread across the city, some very popular and some quite underrated. We spoke to some true foodies from the National Capital, and although it was difficult to shortlist just 10 places to eat chhole bhature in Delhi, we did come up with a list.

Chache Di Hatti: Recommended by Gaurav Wasan @youtubeswadofficial

If you call yourself a foodie and have never tried the iconic chole bhature from Chache di Hatti, then you are definitely missing out on a part of your life that we like to call true bliss. Gaurav says, "This place is the best when it comes to affordable and delicious breakfast in town, and if you are a chole bhature lover, there is no way you can miss this spot. Chache Di Hatti is one of the most popular joints known for serving the best chole bhature in town. This place serves two types: one is its Aloo waale chhole bhature, and the other is the plain chole bhature. Aloo wale chole bhature is the star dish of the place, which is served with their secret Masale wale chole along with a very tangy imli chutney along with a few rings of onions." He also recommends people visit the place before 1 PM, as everything gets over by that time—such is the popularity of the place!

Address - D-33, Block G, Kamla Nagar, Delhi, 110007 

Price - ₹100 for two people 

Timings - 9:30 am–3 pm

Picture credits - Gaurav Wasan

Nand Di Hatti: Recommended by Paresh Gupta @ khaata_rahe_mera_dil

It is said that food matters as much as hospitality, and when you visit a place to eat, both combine to make it a special experience. Paresh Gupta, while speaking about Nand Di Hatti, specifically recommended the branch of the outlet where we will be greeted by a certain Mr. Ravi. Raving about the chhole bhature, he said, "I recommend Nand Di Hatti since it's an entire desi ghee preparation and the robust masalas shine through every bite of their chhole!" Also, their home-made Amla pickle adds punch to the Holy Combo".

Address - 829 Pan Mandi, Sadar Bazaar, Delhi, 110006

Price - ₹150 for two people 

Timings - 11 am–5 pm 

Baba Nagpal Corner: Recommended by Khushbu Gupta @ itsmekhushbu

Many people see chhole bhature as too heavy for a breakfast meal, and Delhi locals have consistently said that it is their favourite dish. Khushbu shares the same sentiment. "Located in a humble nook of Old Double Story Lane at Lajpat Nagar 4 Market, this outlet serves 'no-nonsense' style bhature with chhole that can be relished along with ring onions and freshly made green chilli pickle,", says Khubshbu, before adding that while there may be many outlets across Delhi with the brand name "Nagpal's", I would recommend only the "Baba Nagpal Corner" at Lajpat Nagar. And if your biggest problem with chhole bhature is the dish having too much oil, Khushbu raves about Baba Nagpal saying, "The bhaturas are deep fried in hot oil, but it's their skill that the residual oil in bhaturas is negligible. So, while they are deep fried, they won't feel very oily or soggy!"

Address - 7/25 old double storyLajpat Nagar4Market, near Gurudwara, New Delhi, Delhi 110024 

Price - ₹200 for two people 

Timings- 7:30 am–5:30 pm 

Sitaram Diwan Chand: Recommended by Joyjeet Mukherjee @livelikejoys

If there are talks of the best chhole bhature places in Delhi and this legendary place does not find a spot on the list, there is something wrong with the list! Joyjeet joyfully shares how the place has started delivering all over Delhi and adds that "Chhole Bhature isn't just a food, it's a feeling, and Sitaram Diwan Chand is my forever favourite, and I've grown up eating Chhole Bhature from the same place since childhood. "To date, after eating at various other places, I will still stay because no one makes the chhole the way they do."

Address - 2243, Rajguru Marg, Chuna Mandi, Paharganj, New Delhi, Delhi 110055 

Price - ₹100 for two 

Timings - 8 am–5 pm 

Bikanervala and Aggarwal Sweets, Mehrauli: Recommended by Achint Kaur @ thatbhukkadpair

Instagram -

Everyone has their own unique tastes and combinations they like. Achint says she cannot have chhole bhature without pouring saunth over the chhole! And her go-to place to have this combination is Aggarwal Sweets. She tells us, "Whenever I want to eat the dish, my first choice is Aggarwal Sweets of Mehrauli because the quality and quantity are good according to the price, and it's actually very delicious, especially the bhature. I can eat it without chhole!"

Address - G5FJ+2P9, Main Road, Mehrauli Village, Mehrauli, New Delhi, Delhi 110030 

Price - ₹300 for two people 

Timings - 8 am–10 pm 

With multiple outlets in Delhi, Bikarvala has surely made its unique place in the chhole bhature game, and Achint Saya says it is the only place in Delhi where she does not require mixing the saunth as it is great in itself. The best part, according to her, is that if you order online, the freshness is still there!

Address – Multiple outlets 

Price - ₹450 for two people 

Timing - 9 am–10:30 pm 

Aaojee Sweets and Shri Radhe Krishna: Recommended by Rajesh Tara @rajeshtara

Like we mentioned, the sheer variety of chhole bhature that you get in Delhi cannot be matched, and one of them is paneer chhole bhature, which Rajesh Tara claims is the best when had from Aaojee Sweets. "The chhole here has a slightly thick consistency with very melt-in-your-mouth chickpeas coated in spices. A dash of paalak puree is added just before serving, which gives it a unique taste. The Bhatura here, to my mind, would be the best in Delhi. For paneer lovers, in bhatura they have the maximum stuffing, which perhaps you won’t find anywhere," claims the foodie.

Address - 3A, 82, Patel Rd, near Shadipur Road, Kathputli Colony Slum, New Patel Nagar, Shadipur, New Delhi, Delhi 110008 

Price - ₹100 for one order 

Timings - 9 am–8 pm 

His next pick is rather underrated, but true foodies and locals know the quality of the food here. Talking about Shri Radhe Krishna’s chhole bhature, Rajesh says, "Dark chhole, slightly runny yet silken consistency, well balanced spices, and one could taste the grain too. The golden pillowy bhatura, once you open up, you can see that it would have been made out of a well-fermented dough."

Address - AGCR Enclave, Karkardooma, Trans Yamuna. 

Price - ₹300 for two people 

Timings - 9 am–10:30 pm 

Giani Di Hatti and Prem Di Hatti: Recommended by Nikhil Kamath @citizenkamath

Picture credits - Nikhil Kamath

The bhature and the chhole combine to make the most delicious breakfast meal, and you've got to get both right to make it the best! Giani di Hatti is Nikhil’s top recommendation, and he says, "Going to Giani di Hatti is an experience in itself, and having the freshly prepared chhole bhature in that cramped-up space with huge crowds gives you the real Delhi experience. As far as the flavours are concerned, the chhole are very rich, and even though they are prepared with a special mix of spices, you don't feel a single flavour overpowering others. The bhatures are fried fresh in ghee and served. If you can't face the heat in the summer, I'd suggest you go here during the winter!"

Address - M65F+67Q, Bagh Deewar, Katra Ghel, Fatehpuri, Chandni Chowk, Delhi, 110006  

Price - ₹500 for two people  

Timings - 8:30 am–8:30 pm  

Another place he strongly recommends is Prem di Hatti. He says that "It is a place where you can get decent food at pocket-friendly prices. My favourites here are the chhole bhature and the Amritsari-stuffed kulcha with chhole. While the chhole remains the same, it is the choice of bread you have with it that makes the difference.

Address - Metro Station, Near, Prem Di Hatti J1/162 Shop No. 7, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027 

Price - ₹200 for two people 

Timings - 8 am–11:30 pm