Chicken 65, Croissants & More On Air India’s New In-Flight Menu
Image Credit: Air India/Instagram, The new flight menu will leave you spoilt for choice.

How many times do we travel and think of the food we must carry? Train journeys are quite common for shorter distances in India. While a food pantry is available, people often prefer to carry their own dabbas full of aromatic home-cooked food. However, if you’re travelling by flight, you needn’t worry because Air India’s new in-flight menu covers it all.

Indian Airlines recently modified their food menu served to domestic passengers on the flight. In an attempt to provide travellers with better service and hospitality, the airlines launched this new menu amidst the festive season, starting from October 1. According to a report in India Today, the idea behind the new menu is to provide the passengers with a wholesome culinary experience.  

What’s on the new menu?

From grilled chicken pesto sandwiches to chicken 65 and blueberry vanilla pastry, one can savour a range of appetisers, main course and desserts during their journey now. Not just this, you’ll also find a mix of Indian and international dishes on the menu. Be it a butter croissant or a medu vada, there’ll be plenty of options to choose from. While for business class passengers, the menu is extensive, economy class flyers can also keep their hopes high as they’d be served a delicious omelette with potato wedges for breakfast, vegetable biryani as well as Chinese delicacies like fried noodles, chilli chicken and more.

For satiating the sweet tooth, numerous sweetmeats like pastries and pies will be offered to travellers. The move comes in the wake of losses suffered by the airlines due to the pandemic, and is an effort in the direction of improving one’s service and quality provided to patrons. Moreover, it is also said that apart from the domestic routes, the menu of international flights is also being reworked and will be unveiled soon. So the next time you’re flying domestic, you needn’t worry about food at all.