Chhavi Mittal Talks About Healthy Food, Fasting & Tomato Chutney
Image Credit: Chhavi Mittal and her protein snack, Instagram

Actor Chhavi Mittal has been in the news for some time and its mostly around her experience with cooking, healthy food and fasting. In April, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and she took to her social media handle to announce this news. Along with support from her fans, she received hate comments too. However, the strong-will woman stayed immune to it, and she is back with her resilience by talking about various aspects of being healthy. Around three weeks ago, she tried educating about 5 mistakes people make while on intermittent fasting. On her YouTube channel, she posted a video where she discussed her experience with the IF diet. When she wanted to lose weight after the birth of her son Arham, she gave it a try.

In her video decoding the five mistakes of IF diet she listed not going with a personalised approach to IF, sticking to either too high or low calories, lack of awareness of what to eat, breaking the fast carelessly, skipping workout or staying physically active. 

A few days back, the health-conscious actor, grabbed the netizen's attention by sharing her high-protein snack. On her Instagram, quite thoughtfully she pointed out stating that, “Untimely hunger does not always need to be guilt-stricken.” She mentioned that the protein shake is packed with good nutrition and calories to keep one fuller for longer. The mother of two encouraged people to try it as it requires a minute to prepare. The list of ingredients included Greek yogurt, dates, protein powder, unsweetened cocoa powder, roasted chia seeds and flaxseed, cold pressed coconut oil and bananas. 

Chhavi's protein snack, Image Source: Instagram

In her latest Instagram post, Chhavi Mittal's latest post on sharing the recipe of her favourite chutney recipe was liked by many. The actor can be seen walking in the rain with her umbrella and in full enthusiasm to prepare the chutney, which is her and the entire family's favourite. The recipe keeps changing according to the available ingredients. She also added that she prepares it only when she is at the farm. It is a mandatory dish for her family. The short video prompted her fans to visit her YouTube channel Being Woman With Chhavi. Within a day, the video garnered around 14k views. 

The actor wrote the description mentioning:

"In this farm vlog, I'm sharing the delicious recipe of our most popular dish at the farm, the tomato chutney. It is easy to make, delicious to taste, and can be enjoyed with any dish at all, whether it is for breakfast or lunch or dinner! "

Chhavi preparing tomato chutney, Image Source: BeingWoman @YouTube

She also gave a heads up and says, "The tricky part for me is that I need to finish all perishable food items while making it and also make use of what is currently available. Thankfully I had most ingredients I needed except red chillies or powder."