Chhattisgarh's Bore Basi: A Comforting Summer Meal
Image Credit: ektaatu143/Instagram

If you are a Chhattisgarhiya or have been to Chhattisgarh even once, you know what 'Bore Basi' is. Also known as pakhala in Odisha, poita bhat in Assam and panta bhat in Bengal, 'Bore Basi' is a simple but special rice dish prepared using leftover rice. A very basic fermented rice meal, bore basi is consumed extensively during summers, thanks to its cooling properties. It is also known as poor man’s food because of being mostly consumed by farmers and labourers.   

Recently, 'Bore Basi' is seen all over the internet, but have you wondered why it is so? It is because on the 1st May I.e., the Labour Day, Chhattisgarh’s Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel shared a video message and appealed to the citizens to consume bore basi as it is very beneficial for health. He was himself seen having this summer special rice dish with so many other office-bearers and ministers. CM also declared the day to be celebrated as Bore Basi Tihaar. 

Video credits: Lata Janghel/Youtube

While addressing the citizens, CM highlighted the cultural significance of the dish in the lives of workers. CM believes that "Bore Basi" is not just a favorite food for workers, but also a crucial part of their lives. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that with the efforts of the state government, this traditional meal has gained recognition all over the globe and has become a strong pillar of Chhattisgarh's rich heritage. Apart from being a symbol of the state’s culture, the dish is packed with ample benefits. 

If some experts are to be believed, ‘Bore Basi’ involves fermentation process which helps in removing the excess fat and increases the nutritional value. Besides, this rice meal is a good source of vitamin K, iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium, potassium and vitamin B-complex. It also contains prebiotics that promote better digestion and helps in boosting the immunity system. This inexpensive and healthy meal could also be beneficial for people with diabetes as well as high blood pressure, as per some studies. 

                         Image credits:ektaatu143/Instagram

Best part is it is very easy to make. Wanna know the recipe? Here you go! 


  • First take leftover rice and soak it in water overnight. It is advisable to soak rice in earthenware. 
  • Using tomatoes, garlic cloves, red chili and salt, prepared a chutney. You can also add coriander leaves and jeera powder to the chutney. 
  • Add the soaked rice in a bowl along with the water. 
  • Add a little mustard oil and salt to the rice. Mix it properly. 
  • Take spoonful of tomato chutney or aam k achar, green chilies and onion and keep them on the side. 
  • Enjoy! 

Try making Chhattisgarh’s special ‘Bore Basi’ at home and let us know if you liked it!