Chef Vikas Khanna Tried These Dishes At Virat Kohli’s Restaurant
Image Credit: Chef Vikas Khanna tried dimsums at one8 Commune in Juhu

Besides constantly being in the headlines for his ferocious return to cricketing form, Virat Kohli the business owner and entrepreneur also keeps making both noise and news. Recently, he there was a huge discussion over the former Indian captain opening up a new branch of his restaurant one8 Commune at Gouri Kunj, which was the legendary singer Kishore Kumar’s bungalow. The beautiful property has now been converted into a resto-bar that serves unique flavours and great fusion food.

Recently, Chef Vikas Khanna visited the Mumbai branch of the restaurant and had a great dining experience with none other than Virat Kohli himself. The lunch started with Virat and Chef Vikas discussing how welcoming the vibe of the place is and how the name absolutely adds on to that vibe. For the food, the duo started with one of the bestsellers of the place, the avocado flatbread. Both of them relished the dish, with Virat claiming it was one of his personal favourites from the place.

Next, they had the dimsums, which Virat makes sure to tell everyone that they are his number one choice at his restaurant although he himself only had a piece because of his strict diet. While eating all the healthy stuff, the fit as a fiddle cricketer shared about his favourite Chinese van from his childhood. He claimed that no other Chinese can replace the taste of the munchow soup and fried rice that he used to have there! While Chef Vikas talked about the fact that healthy food is a huge part of Virat Kohli’s restaurant reflecting his personal lifestyle, the latter agreed but not without adding that there are ample options for all the foodies who prefer not counting the calories.

Virat and Chef Vikas ate khichdi too

The next dish that they tried was the Khichdi, which even Virat was trying for the first time. Chef Vikas was especially impressed by how flavourful yet light the fish was. He claimed that it was a dish that had a unique taste which even he had not tried before. To sum up the meal, both of them had a decadent vegan chocolate dessert.

Chef Vikas Khanna tried all of these dishes and according to him, one8 Commune is one of the best places to visit in Mumbai. So, if you were waiting to visit the restaurant, this is your sign to book your reservation!