Vikas Khanna First Indian Among Gazette Review’s Top 10 Chefs
Image Credit: Instagram/vikaskhannagroup

Looks like this year is a good year for India’s culinary talent, who have been getting recognised internationally. The celebrity chef and the man of the moment, who brought India pride recently, is no other than Chef Vikas Khanna. Chef Vikas has been ranked amongst the top 10 chefs in the world by Gazette Review. This has made him the only Indian chef who has made it to this distinguished list. While Chef Vikas has ranked sixth, take a guess on who has made it to the first position? Only the sassiest chef of all times - Chef Gordon Ramsay! 

Chef Vikas has many accolades to his name both nationally and internationally. Chef is always active on his social media handles, and uses his power as a star to benefit many underprivileged Indians. He is reputed to have always stayed loyal to his roots. Remember how Chef Vikas distributed millions of meals and essential supplies across India during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic? Even during the second wave, Chef Vikas worked round-the-clock to mobilise and transport oxygen concentrators and PPE kits to India. The 50 year old chef, who was born in Amritsar, in his journey to becoming a Michelin star celebrity chef, has literally boosted the Indian cuisine to a global level. 

Chef Vikas Khanna is a powerhouse of culinary skills and talent. Instagram/vikaskhannagroup

Chef Vikas who loves to dabble in areas other than cooking like filmmaking, expressed his happiness on being able to bring such honour to his country. Taking to his Instagram, Chef wrote, “Humbled to be in 2022 ‘TOP 10 CHEFS IN THE WORLD’ – The Best in 2022 by Gazette Review. Humbled to be in the company of some of my mentors.” Did you know that Chef Vikas is also known for creating the most expensive cookbook in the world?

Others who have made it to the list along with Chef Vikas include: Anthony Bourdain, Paul Bocuse, Alain Ducasse, Emeril Lagasse, Marco Pierre White, Heston Blumenthal, Wolfgang Puck and Jamie Oliver. International acclaim isn’t new for Chef Vikas. Take for instance the Michelin star that Chef Vikas’s restaurant Junoon in New York City has earned since 2011. Chefs like Chef Vikas, are often bestowed upon with the honour to cook food for some of the most renowned celebrities and world leaders. The world icons that have had Chef Vikas’s ‘haath ka khaana,’ include former U.S. president Barack Obama, the Dalai Lama, Pope Francis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi etc.