Chef Saransh Goila's Cool Canape Hack: Will You Try It?
Image Credit: Saransh Goila/Instagram, The chef made canape making a fun task.

Discovering and implementing such hacks can not only make cooking quicker and easier but can also add to the enjoyment of the process. Chef Saransh's latest hack discovery has been receiving a lot of attention lately, making it a prime example.

The era of social media has made it easier for people to share their talents and knowledge online. Social platforms allow people to circulate information, share ideas, and showcase their skills. These ideas can sometimes go viral, and everyone starts trying them out. One such instance is the popularity of Dalgona coffee, which took the internet by storm. Interestingly, this famous chef decided to experiment with it too, demonstrating the power of sharing ideas and inspiring others to try new things.

Source: Screengrab of Instagram video/Saransh Goila

Chef Saransh Goila, of Goila Butter Chicken fame, gave into this easy and fun canapé hack that he saw online in a video. He posted a reel on his Instagram handle, trying out the hack to see if it works. The actual video is shown below in a smaller frame, and the chef follows it step by step. He begins by taking a packet of Monaco biscuits. He cuts it open and takes a single biscuit from the packet.

Then, he takes a cheese slice and uses the zigzag edges of the biscuit to slice it in half. When that works, there is a look of amazement on his face. He then goes on to slice it further into four smaller pieces. Finally, he takes out four biscuits and places the cheese squares on each, along with jalapenos, and enjoys it thoroughly.

He captions it, saying, "I was today years old when I realised that I missed out on this as a kid". He went on to comment on his post, saying, "No cheese slices were harmed in this experiment; everything was made into a canapé. For the unfamiliar, canapés are small, bite-sized bread topped with sweet or savoury fillings. These could range from vegetables to fruits and meat.