Chef Saransh Goila Enjoys Quail Eggs On Bangkok Streets

Quail eggs have slowly been gaining recognition as a tiny and cute alternative to chicken eggs due to many reasons. They taste a lot like chicken eggs but are third the size. Quail eggs have brown splotches and deep-yellow yolks. Though they are small, they are packed with so many nutrients. Besides, it is highly beneficial for those who are pregnant or have an egg allergy. You didn’t know this, did you?

Quail eggs are no less than a delight and chef Saransh Goila has recently enjoyed these eggs during his trip to Bangkok’s street market. Chef Saransh took to Instagram and shared his experience of having these delicious little eggs. Chef wrote on his Instagram “Quail eggs are tastier than the eggs we eat purely because the ratio of yolk to white is more in these. These Thai Fried Eggs are made in Khanom Krok pan and are available across night or Street Markets in Bangkok. I tried them in Jodd Fairs Night Train Market which is newly opened and has more than 300 food stalls!”.

                                       Image credits: Instagram/saranshgoila

Chef Saransh got to eat around 15 quail eggs for Rs 70. First, these eggs were taken out from the shell and poured into khanom krok pan, and slightly cooked. Then, it was served with a little salt and soy sauce. Want to know more about these eggs? Let us discuss the lesser-known health benefits of quail eggs.

Reduces the risk of Anemia

Anemia is a condition where the body doesn’t have enough red blood cells. Quail eggs are packed with iron and thus, they can reduce the risk of anemia.

Rich in protein

Quail eggs come with a high content of protein and are much beneficial for the body. It could help in building muscles and making hormones.

Boosts immunity

Quail eggs also have vitamin A and vitamin C and with this quality, they can actually help in neutralizing free radicals which may lead to aging, severe illnesses, and cell damage. 

Body cleansing

Quail eggs help a lot in getting rid of toxins from the bloodstream. By removing toxins from the body, it promotes a healthier lifestyle.

Balances cholesterol

Quail eggs contain a good amount of beneficial fatty acids which promote good heart health. They help the body in balancing its cholesterol level.