Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Shares 2 Quick Pistachio-Loaded Desserts
Image Credit: Pista Bombs

Those who have a sweet tooth don’t need any particular reason to demand a dessert. Whether or not it is the festive season is inconsequential for their need to bite into a sweet meat right away. Yet again, eating too many sweets isn’t good for your health. So, how can we load up on nutrition and satiate the sweet tooth at the same time?

Well, that can be possible with the addition of healthy nuts into your desserts. From cashews to almonds and pistachios, each of these nuts comes with its own set of benefits. Take pistachios, for instance. They are high in protein and provide the body with lots of nutrients. Apart from this, they also come packed with antioxidants and promote a healthy gut too. Given the immense benefits that pistachios hold for us, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor shares two decadent and quick dessert recipes made with California grown American pistachios.  

Here are the pistachio sweets that you can try at home.  

Green Pea And Pista Kheer  


    1 cup blanched green peas 

    4½ cups milk 

    ½ cup sugar 

    1½ tbsp ghee 

    ¼ cup chopped pistachios 

    ½ tsp green cardamom powder 

    Blanched, peeled and slivered pistachios for garnish 

    Dried rose petals for garnish 


    Begin by boiling some water in a pan.  

    Throw in the pistachios and blanch them.  

    Once done, remove them and add them to cold water before peeling.  

    Next, take ghee in another pan and heat it well.  

    Sauté green peas and pistachios in the ghee.  

    Blend the two into a paste with some milk in a mixer.  

    Boil milk in the pan and add this paste to it.  

    Stir continuously and add sugar and green cardamom powder to it.  

    Once it reaches a desired consistency, garnish with pistachios and rose petals.  

 2.     Pista Bombs 


    1 cup pistachios 

    ¼ cup brown sugar 

    1 cup rolled oats 

    1 cup puffed amaranth (rajgira) 

    ¼ cup honey 

    ¼ tsp cinnamon powder 


    Take some pistachios and dry roast them in a pan.  

    Cool them down and grind into a paste.  

    Next, take a pan and melt brown sugar in water.  

    To this, add the puffed amaranth, rolled and toasted oats as well as the pistachio paste.  

    Throw in honey and cinnamon powder for a tinge of sweetness and flavour.  

    Spread on a plate and roll into small balls while the mixture is hot.  

    Let them set and then pop them into the mouth.