Chef Sabyasachi Gorai Introduces Australian Ingredients To India

Australia is known for its clean environment, picturesque landscape, and rich flora and fauna. The country is famous around the world for using high-tech machinery and techniques in the agricultural industry to ensure high-quality produce every year. According to reports, it exports 72% of its agricultural produce, among which wheat and red meat top the charts. 

Do you know that India is Australia’s sixth largest trading partner where both countries enjoy import and export of goods? The India-Australia interim trade agreement came into force in December 2022, and since then, both countries have benefited from it. The Australian Trade & Investment Commission (Austrade), Australian Government, recently organised ‘Taste The Wonders of Australia’ at Aahar 2024. 

Along with a special cooking demonstration by Chef Sabyasachi Gorai, an Indian celebrity chef, the event featured many premium agri food Australian brands looking to connect with Indian consumers and businessmen on March 8, 2024. 

Chef Sabyasachi Gorai Introduced Australian Ingredients To Indians

Image Credit: Austrade/ Aahar 2024

In the cooking demonstration, Chef Sabyasachi Gorai made a lip-smacking lamb dish using the meat sourced from Australia. The succulent pieces of meat were cooked in a flavourful stew and garnished with fresh herbs mixture. High-tea scones by Chef Gorai were a perfect addition to the cooking demonstration. The subtle notes of popular tea spices and flavourful garnishing on the top made them a huge hit among spectators. 

For starters, the chef presented roasted salmon with sauteed mushrooms and fresh cilantro. He also made a delicious avocado dip and spread it on thin slices of bread. He used a similar dip to top flatbread, which is among the most cherished Australian dishes according to John Southwell, Trade and Investment Commissioner, Australia Trade and Investment Commission. He added, “It’s a must-try.” Each bite was a burst of flavour in the mouth. 

A night before the demonstration, Chef Gorai and his team also cooked a feast for the inauguration ceremony of ‘Taste the Wonders of Australia’. From delicious seafood dishes to irresistible sweet delicacies, the entire menu was inspired by ingredients provided by Avocado Australia. 

Australian Brands Coming To India

Image Credit: Austrade/ Aahar 2024

The event had Australian brands reaching out to Indian distributors and businessmen trying to seal the deal and make their space in the Indian market. A few names include Masterol Foods, So Good, OMG, JIVA, Milk Lab, Source, and Edenvalle. While Milk Lab, OMG, and So Good were trying to find an audience for plant-based milk, Masterol Foods is trying to bring high-quality baked goods with a shelf life exceeding two months. 

Chef Saby added that Australian agrifood products are of high quality because the air, water, and land pollution is minimal. He said, “More spices are used in food in Australia than in India,” while referencing the fact that people from more than 120 nationalities reside there. “Hence, the culmination of Australian cuisine is much more exclusive in terms of flavours and taste,” he added.

John Southwell thinks that fresh Australian produce like pulses, salmon, lamb, lobster, and avocado have the potential to amplify the flavours of Indian cuisine, especially in high-end restaurants in Delhi and Mumbai. “Our ingredients and products are never about competition, they are about complimenting, contributing, and cooperating,” he added.